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Since the increase in the number of pirated software that is being sold secretly, antivirus manufacturing brands have tightened the ways to access the software. One such method to minimize the risk of piracy is the use of activation or the product key. The same is the case of McAfee antivirus software and to access it, you need a 25-digit activation code via

Now, you must be thinking what McAfee product key is and how you can use it, but the real question is why is it so necessary? Well, we shall be learning about all of it real soon in the sections given below. In addition to this, we learn the ways to redeem the product key.

What is McAfee product key?

Whenever you buy any of the McAfee products, you are provided with the product key based on the way through which you have made the purchase. On the contrary, you may not find it if you subscribe to any free product, be it McAfee or not. Without linking this product key to your account, you will not be able to get started with using the product and deploy it on your device.

The McAfee activate product key alphanumeric as well as case-sensitive and is not revealed to you until you pay for it. The 25-digits code needs to be entered during the product deployment and for the purpose of renewing or reinstalling the software. There are two ways to redeem the product key: online and offline.

Ways to redeem McAfee Product Key

Let’s jump right into the details of redeeming the product key for the first time. In case you are unaware what redeeming means, then let me tell you it is the process of linking the product key to your account. Once you do so, the service provider gets to know that you have purchased the product via valid means and not fraudulently. For this, you just need to log in to your account and follow some easy instructions.

In the upcoming sections, we shall be discussing the two different ways to redeem the McAfee activate product key. In case you have purchased it from an online seller such as Amazon or from McAfee itself, then you will have to opt for an online method. While those who have purchased the subscription from a retailer, they can redeem the product key using the offline method.


  1. 1 First of all, sign in to your McAfee activate account.
  2. 2 Copy the activation code from the confirmation email from McAfee.
  3. 3 Next, click on the link given in the email and enter the required details.


In case you have purchased the McAfee software subscription from a retail store, then he would have provided the product key to you in the form of a retail card. You just need to tear down the retail card and visit the link present on it.

Once your subscription period gets over, you need to renew your subscription by buying the product key again and then repeating the same process to activate it. Next, we will learn the method to deploy McAfee software after redeeming the key.

Helpful instruction to download McAfee using the product key

The activation code plays an essential role when you wish to download your software for the first time and manage your subscription. Hence, I have compiled a list of easy-to-follow steps which you can follow in order to deploy the software on your device. If you follow the instructions given below carefully, you will be able to use the software without any hurdle.

Here is a list of mandatory steps that you must complete in order to gain access to your McAfee software with the 25-digit activation code.

  • 1 First, keep your McAfee activate product key handy.
  • 2 You will need this product key to activate your software after downloading and installing it.
  • 3 This product key is also needed when you wish to share your subscription with others
  • 4 Enter this 25-digit product key when you are asked for it.
  • 5 For sharing the subscription, you need to click on the ‘Add device’ option during the process.

Expert tip

It is always recommended to do a quick or deep scan after you complete the deployment of the product to see if your device has malware or not. In the scan result, you will see the complete details of your device. In case McAfee finds any virus in your device, it lets you know about the same so that you can remove it.

Also, do not forget to keep your device equipped with security software all the time which you can do by renewing your subscription once it gets expired. For this, you need to purchase a 25-digit McAfee product key once again and repeat the process throughout.

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