McAfee vs Norton : Are you being fooled?

The two most leading organizations of the antivirus industry, McAfee vs Norton, have always been a topic of fascinating discussion. Both McAfee vs Norton provide security solutions to individuals, small businesses, and corporate enterprises. Based on McAfee vs Norton’s performance, price, and functionality, here is a one-on-one comparison of the two antivirus industry leaders.

Main Features – McAfee vs Norton provide multiple security-related features and utilities. Here are a few of the salient Norton vs McAfee points.

First, let’s look at each of McAfee vs Norton antivirus features separately:

mcafee vs norton

McAfee Antivirus via

  • File shredder – McAfee vs Norton takes a leap on the former as McAfee makes it possible to permanently erase sensitive information from your PC.
  • Multi-device Compatibility – Another McAfee vs Norton score leaning towards McAfee. McAfee is compatible with Windows PCs, iOS, Android and MacOS.
  • In-depth scanner scans files to detect possible threats.
  • File Lock – McAfee provides encrypted storage and protects files from ransomware.

Norton Antivirus

  • Smart Firewall – One unique feature you will cherish and give a tick to Norton this time under the McAfee vs Norton board. Norton scans the incoming data and stops the download of the unsafe files.
  • Antispyware utility – Given that McAfee vs Norton debate is catching it’s heat, Norton blocks the system from permitting and installing the spyware-loaded apps.
  • SafeCam – Prevent hackers from using your device for spying against you.
  • Parental Control and School Time – enables you to view what your children are doing online, including search terms and downloads. Also, lets you block irrelevant Internet resources, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix, on your windows computer.

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Well, it is no straight road to Norton antivirus vs McAfee, so we will use some prime categories:

  1. P.C. performance – P.C. performance of Norton antivirus vs McAfee antiviruses is examined by how smoothly the computer responds to other tasks while the antivirus programs are running. To analyze McAfee vs Norton;

McAfee, on one hand, provides two tools to enhance PC performance: 

  • McAfee App Boost: App Boost, which is compatible with Windows 10, identifies apps that may require boosting. McAfee has added this feature as it gives apps a little more power, helping them perform faster and smoother.
  • McAfee Web Boost: Under the McAfee vs Norton debate, McAfee Web boost, another shining feature will automatically stop playing videos running in your browser which can accelerate your browsing.

Whereas, Norton offers these two features: 

  • Norton Startup Manager: Norton Startup Manager delays startup programs and makes your computer run faster.
  • Norton Optimize Disk tool: relocates file fragments, which get scattered over your computer over time

An additional feather in McAfee vs Norton cap for Norton: Norton’s Quiet Mode settings stops Norton from running while you use other apps.

That being said, in recent independent performance tests for McAfee vs Norton, both McAfee vs Norton antivirus got superb scores.

Let’s look at the second factor for Norton vs McAfee: 

  1. Affordability: It’s a given fact that both McAfee vs Norton are industry leaders, making them very competitive in providing the security solutions. However, in terms of value for money, McAfee has an advantage over Norton.

mcafee vs norton1

First, McAfee live safe vs Norton is extremely cost-effective. McAfee Live Safe offers a total protection suite which includes a range of features from PC performance optimization, Encrypted storage to Home Network Security. This wins a brownie for McAfee and McAfee live safe vs Norton as there is no equivalent available at this price in Market.

Second, to back it up by Norton vs McAfee; Norton offers a refund within 60 days of the purchase date to all subscribers. While McAfee comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, this refund policy is only limited to McAfee non-monthly subscribers.

  1. Interface: Interface discussion falls flat for McAfee vs Norton because both anti-viruses are at a similar level with respect to their user interfaces. With their simple, user-friendly interfaces, it’s a win-win for McAfee vs Norton.

McAfee: has buttons at the bottom to start virus scans and app updates, with the security status appearing on the main dashboard.

Norton: features one main panel enabling the users to know the existing security level.

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The fourth, and the last deciding factor in McAfee vs Norton article is:

  1. Malware Protection: Both McAfee and Norton perform excellently in identifying and eliminating malware, and scanning the system for malicious software.

Norton: offers 50 GB cloud storage, can be extended up to 100 GB with the LifeLock plan as well as the dark web monitoring.

McAfee:offers WiFi network security, identity theft protection, and password manager.

All in all, McAfee vs Norton are on an equal footing in most regards so it’s precisely what you are looking for.

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