3 Ways to Reset Windows 10 Password – Windows Password Reset

This guide will give you in-depth knowledge to regain access to your Windows account. Sometimes, there comes a situation when you have to remember complex passwords of different IDs and accounts. This creates a hassle in your mind and ultimately you tend to forget these passwords. This is the case with windows 10 password also. But, you should not worry. Here, you will find apt solutions to your Windows 10 password reset problem.

Since there are so many ways through which you can get your Windows account back or simply reset your password. You can choose from the different methods given below depending upon the type of account you hold. The two accounts include a local account or the one which is linked to your Microsoft account. The methods also vary depending upon the way you use to sign in i.e., Password or PIN.

Start with Resetting your Microsoft account

In case you make use of Microsoft account in order to login to your Windows 10 account and you are unable to log in. In that case,

  1. You need to navigate to the official website of Microsoft.
  2. Now, enter the login credentials such as email address, phone number or Skype name.
  • After this, click on the “Next” option.
  1. In this step, you have to choose how you want to receive the security code from Microsoft.
  2. Here, you have to enter the missing info and then tap on “Get code” option.
  3. Upon receiving the security code, you are required to enter the code in the box which is available next to the “Verify your identity” option.
  • In the page that opens, enter a new password twice and then click “Next” to complete the process.

Try Resetting your Account Password

You can try to reset your account password in case you are using the local PC and its password needs to be reset. The users of Windows 10 version 1803 or later are suggested to:

  1. Use the link which is provided under the username available on the login screen. The link reads “Reset password”.
  2. Once you click on this, you are required to provide the answers to certain questions.
  • If you answer those questions correctly, you will be allowed to choose a new password for your account.
  1. On the page that opens, enter the new password in the provided space.
  2. You will have to use this password to login to your account from now on.

Go to the login screen to reset the PIN

This solution is helpful for those people who use a PIN to lock their account instead of using a password. It requires a whole different method to do this. Follow the steps given below to get started:

  1. First of all, click on the “I forgot my PIN” option which is visible under the PIN sign-in box.
  2. Once you click on this, you will be asked to enter the new PIN/password for your account.
  3. Here you need to enter the login credentials in the provided space.
  4. After providing the password, click on the “Next” option to complete the process.
  5. Now you will be provided with the option to choose the way through which you want to receive the security code. Choose as you wish.
  6. Upon receiving the code, enter it where required and enter the new PIN twice which you want to keep to secure your account.

To sum up-

There are many other methods of reset Windows 10 password. You can choose as you desire. You can also use the admin account to reset the password for which the process is quite different. Also note that each time you create a password, try to remember it or use a password manager to minimize the hassle of remembering complex passwords.

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