Antivirus vs Anti-malware- which one is best for you?

Antivirus or antimalware may look similar to you, but when we deeply analyze both, we come across certain minor differences between the two. Therefore, for the convenience of the users, I have listed some of the major differences between the two in the upcoming section. This analysis will let you decide if you should go for an antivirus or antimalware. So, without wasting much time, let us carry forward our discussion.

Major differences between antivirus and antimalware

Features of Antivirus

  • When you run an antivirus program on your pc, it always runs in the background. The result of scanning will only be displayed when the scanning is done completely. Antivirus such as McAfee allows users to do real-time scanning so that threats can be eliminated as soon as they are detected.
  • An effective antivirus solution blocks the entry of malicious script files. It also prevents them from running so that they could not make your device vulnerable to risk.
  • An antivirus like McAfee undergoes a deep search of the device to detect the presence of viruses and alike.
  • In addition to this, you also get updated about the potential risks frequently.
  • It undergoes a deep search through databases.
  • The antivirus not just detects and removes viruses but also makes sure that ransomware doesn’t enter your system. And if it enters, it provides you effective measures to get rid of them immediately.

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Features of Antimalware

After learning some of the essential things about an antivirus, now it’s time to learn about antimalware along with some of its features. This will let you make a clear line of distinction between the two.

  • Antimalware, as the name itself suggests, has the ability to provide software solutions on a larger basis. It can potentially protect you from spyware, phishing scams, spam, adware, etc.
  • This is specifically designed for tracking and eliminating malware threats that are of advanced level.
  • Lets you stay one step ahead of zero-day threats.
  • Can help you in tracking cyber-criminal activities that an antivirus cannot do without antimalware features in it.
  • It can potentially scan for the presence of Trojans, adware, and other kinds of malware.
  • You can probably call it a tool to remove malware.
  • The most important feature of it is traffic filtering that an antivirus cannot do.
  • It could block a user from accessing infected pc servers.
  • On top of that, antimalware keeps you protected from phishing websites and exploit kits.
  • In case a website is involved in the distribution of malware, the antimalware will report the same to you along with providing a malware database of advanced level.


Now that you have known enough about antivirus as well as antimalware, you can look for these features when buying any one of them. Nowadays, antivirus manufacturers have started to provide antimalware features in the same software like antivirus. Therefore, you should undergo thorough research before purchasing an antivirus. Always look for the product that has both antivirus and antimalware features.

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