Apple’s 2019 iPhone XR now in new shades-green and lavender colors

This year Apple might launch new colors for iPhone XR and you will see a slight shift in the color palette. As per many bloggers and reliable information sources, Apple is coming up with new ideas to bring Green and Lavender colors and taking an exit from the coral and blue colors of iPhone XRs.

What is the difference between the new XR and the prior XS iPhone?

Beyond the coral and blue colors, the iPhone XR is currently coming in black, white, yellow and red colors. When the iPhone XR was launched in September, last year, then it was Apple’s idea to splash back into bright colors since the iPhone 5C is launched in 2013 with almost all the fresh colors options being blue, green, yellow, pink and white.

Apart from the new colors, Apple has already heard many leaks and predictions around what the brand might do with the follow-up product- the iPhone XR.

The all-new iPhone XR with improved technology is set to get an extra lens on its back, which will make the device a dual-lens snapper. This means it is capable of taking a proper portrait of photos and with matching the 2x optical zoom already available on other expensive mobile phones, but you have to wait until September this year for sure.

You will get to know about the recent updates related to iPhone on Apple’s Official Website. For Internal antenna upgrades and details about in-screen fingerprint sensors, the brand explains that it will likely want to differentiate between its premium offerings and the most affordable third model of iPhone.

Which iPhone color defines your personality?

In many ways iPhone XR is more superior and advance from new iPhone XS, but how do you decide which color is best, and how are you supposed to decide before you see new colors in the phones?

Whenever you go and buy a gadget for yourself, the color aspect also comes into mind, as the color defines your personality so many of us decide on that basis. Suppose a girl whose personality is tomboyish she will go for the dark or black colors. The idea to launch XR in new colors will be a success as it’s a step ahead to know their customer’s taste and preferences. Moreover, the choices the buyers make while choosing the product.

By wrapping it up, you can say, that, it’s a great step and an innovative idea to boost the sales and to compete with the other successful brands. The colors define a person so as the new range of iPhone XR. If there is an advancement in technology there should be innovation in the looks and modified features as well, Apple does understands your need and came up with their product range in all colors for every mood and personality.

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