MacAfee Starts the Appreciation Route With Their Employees

McAfee stands on the foundation of bringing unanimity in the world and with its antivirus solutions envision a living space without any threats. And to show that they care, they have been engaging and initiating a lot of social welfare programs all over the world.

They’ve been sticking to their vision and mission with every action they take.

And it’ll be unfair to say that only the McAfee officials contribute to the cause. Even the employees do everything possible to bring change and add to social welfare.

Let’s look at a few “call-to-action” that McAfee and its members came up with to value the members of their organization and also help the welfare of society.


Wondering what stories are to be discussed?

These are the top ten stories that McAfee thought should be put under the spotlight to appreciate the contribution of their members or employees across the globe.

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And by sharing these stories McAfee aims to get as many individuals on board as possible, to fulfil and achieve their mission.

Getting used to working from home

Aiming to help full-time working parents, a member of the McAfee community shared a few tips that she thinks might help with managing professional as well as personal lives.

  • Ensure scheduling breaks so that you have time for your family even when you are working.
  • Try colliding work and personal spaces to let your kids know that you’re there for them whenever they need you.
  • Make small gestures to show your kids you care by leaving notes before your long meetings start.
  • Engage in conversations with your team about things you notice at your home to freshen up their and your mood.
  • Accept change, as meetings from home, won’t be as quiet as your workplace.

Gender equality perspectives by the men

McAfee asked a few male members of the organization to present their views on the gender equality ideology.

A lot of them shared advanced insights that changed the way people look at women. A vast female population of the world is still deprived of basic rights, and these McAfee men tried their best in changing the lives of those women the same as the independent and empowered women at McAfee.

Selfless contribution of a member to the pandemic front-liners

A McAfee worker volunteered with the Technische Hilfswerk (THW) and found passion in every volunteering program to give back to society.

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Preparing medical camps, arranging medical aids and food supply, were the most important backup actions that were taken care of by this McAfee employee and his team volunteers.

Internship experiences from the Interns

Ten McAfee interns from all over the world were asked to share their experiences about being a part of the organization. According to them, their different geographical locations did not seem to have varied work cultures.

McAfee effectively spreads out unanimity throughout its branches spread across the globe along with a sense of belonging and a lot of learning opportunities.

Advanced Threat Researcher contributing to better the Covid-19 crisis

An ATR at McAfee saw the rising demand for masks and face shields and took upon himself the initiative to make masks with the help of a 3D printer, which McAfee later added to with the supply of raw materials required.

Tribute to the military veterans of McAfee

A lot of McAfee members have worked as military veterans back in the day.

To pay tribute to those individuals and show that they are valued, they were asked to share the memories and photographs from the time. McAfee has been actively recruiting military veterans to provide safety to society in the new digital world.

Remote workers sharing insightful tips

Five tips have been shared- to get familiarized with technology, try giving time to both professional and personal lives, get your patience and good health onboard, improve work performance with correct tools, and ensure instant text responses.

This is all you need to increase productivity while working remotely.

Security women of McAfee help the new grads’ careers

Women members help the new graduate students with helpful tips to manage their bright careers.

Cybersecurity sales’ opportunity for women

Learn about how women all around the world broke the barriers and successfully achieved great heights in the field of cybersecurity sales.

Appreciating the women recipients of technology scholarship

Women scholars from all over the world get opportunities to work with McAfee and they highlighted their experiences of working with the organization.


McAfee with its primary focus on unity among diversity in the world has always tried adding to the welfare of the society, and the members of the organization too, have never stayed behind.

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This read gives you a detailed overview of how the members add to society with different approaches and initiatives, and how McAfee never fails to value every single one of them.

Go through the ten stories above and understand McAfee and its vision of a united world to live in with appreciating each individual.

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