How to be cautious of fake news scams?

Nowadays, we can see a kid using a mobile phone more than we see adults using it. They go through a lot of stuff over the internet but their innocent mind sometimes may not be able to differentiate between the real and the fake. The social media applications they use or the news feed they scroll through every now and then comprises of so many posts and they ought to believe each one of them. So as an adult, it becomes our responsibility to make them understand the difference.

We can also teach them to spot fake news so that they can save themselves from the scam accompanying it. By doing this, you may safeguard your kid from getting misled by a malicious link in the news they scroll through. When a kid starts to share this kind of information online, he may give way to bigger trouble. Hence, we can become a significant role model for teaching the best to the kids. We are individually responsible for taking action on a particular post.

What can we do in such situations?

An individual can play a crucial role in spreading fake news or a fake post. Hence, you should discuss these talking points with the little ones around you:

  1. Discuss the consequences- fake content can sometimes be annoying but more than being annoying it can be more unsafe if we see it on a wider picture. Fake content can lead to mistrust and can also become a cause of the division between two entities. It may also give way to social unrest and may lead to disharmony between communities. On the other hand, it sidelines the actual and real information.
  2. Do not give way to confirmation bias- this means that people can give a new angle to any news based on their spiritual beliefs or moral viewpoints.
  3. Have patience- fake content is specifically designed to instigate a particular society or belief of a community. When there is social unrest in society, we can see a lot of stuff coming out on social platforms. In this situation, we should take a breath of sigh and think calmly that what is wrong and what is right. There is no harm in sharing the real news but there is a lot of destruction when it comes to spreading a fake one.
  4. Tell your kids to think wisely- ask the little ones around you who do not believe in everything that has more comments or likes on any platform. A post having more of these does not make it a real one. In such situations, they should become a free thinker and analyze the situation after going through the right content via the real sources.
  5. Learn the ways to spot the fake content- there are enough ways to analyze a post before you start believing it. You should have a closer look at the sources and test their trustworthiness. Look for the errors and have a closer look at the URLs. If a post is red-flagged then there must be something suspicious with it. An unknown author of the post is also a hint towards the fakeness of the news.


Other than this, you must also pay attention to the date of the publishing of the content, and to not get attracted towards juicy or catchy headlines. Think twice before clicking on a suspicious link or a link from unknown sources. You can secure yourself by getting an antivirus called by Mcafee.

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