How to get rid of clop ransomware using McAfee?

Are you a business owner and the devices in your organization have got hit with the clop ransomware? Worry not and stay relaxed as you can easily get rid of ransomware if you have deployed McAfee on your device.

Now, you must be thinking what is ransomware and how badly it could affect your system? 

If we go on discussing ransomware, then we can say that it is completely connected to the malware.

Ransomware like clop affects your system greatly by encrypting your device in such a manner that you will hardly know about it. Once it encrypts your system, it gains access to all the data stored on it.

For the purpose of encrypting your device, it makes use of a set of keys which help them encode as well as decode your system. 

There are two kinds of keys i.e. a public key as well as a private key and these keys play their role differently. 

What happens when your device gets infected with ransomware?

When the attacker infects your system and gets hold of your data, then he will ask you to pay a certain amount to get it decrypted. If you fail to make the payment, you will not be able to use your files ever again. 

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If you are keen to know how you get ransomware,, then let me tell you that it reaches your system when you accidentally click on a link present in the spam email.

Tried solutions to get rid of clop ransomware

Step 1- isolate the infected system

Once you know which system has got infected, the first necessary step is that you should isolate the system and not transfer any files from and to it. 

Step 2- install updates

A ransomware is sure to hit a system which has not been updated for long. Hence, install all the latest updates of the operating system on your device. Additionally, update all the apps, files, and programs present on it. 

Step 3- Run a complete on-demand scan

Using McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) available on your device, you may run a complete scan of your system and remove the present viruses from your device.

Step 4- restore files from the backup

After cleaning your system with the help of an antivirus, it is time now to get hold of all the files you have kept in the backup. If you haven’t created a backup of your files, then it is nearly impossible to get back your data. 

Now, your device is free from ransomware and now you have to take all the preventive measures so that you do not get infected with ransomware again.

Further recommendations:

All the business owners are suggested to deploy antivirus solutions like McAfee Total Protection on all the devices in their offices. 

Make sure to train all the employees in your office about the ongoing phishing scams taking place. Also, ensure to keep them reminding about the security measures they should take to avoid falling prey to any such scam.

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