Cuba Ransomware Campaign and MacAfee’s Take on Defense

Everyone has watched TV shows or movies that had abduction in the storyline, and usually the person abducted is returned only after a certain amount demanded by the abductors is paid.

Yes, ransomware is the new and digitized form of abduction. Only here the victim’s digital data is abducted or locked and the abductors refuse to return the access unless they get the demanded ransom.

The victim can be a student, a celebrity, or even an entire organization.

And here, you’ll get to know about the Cuba Ransomware Campaign that has been around for quite a few years now along with McAfee’s suggestions for defence.

What Is the Cuba Ransomware Campaign?

This question has been playing a very significant role to help you safeguard your data. The Cuba Ransomware Campaign is an illegal community for actors to attack your systems and get all the data along with locking you out of it.

People notice their data has been attacked, get contacted by, let’s say, the abductors, and are forced to pay the ransom.

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However, over the years determination and technology, both have seen new heights. The victims do not give in to these abductors- either they don’t pay the ransom risking losing their data, or they recover the data by some other means.

Looking at this, the Cuba Ransomware Campaign recently introduced a new action in such cases- Dissemination of the data, which means all your data will be publicized, confidential or otherwise.

This action by the abductors brought forward a new threat- your data was never safe, even after you’ve paid the ransom to recover it.

Now, let’s discuss more on the topic along with taking a peek into what McAfee has to say about it. But this time let’s consider an organization that fell victim to these attacks.

MacAfee Insights to the Rescue

As an organization, there are a lot of complex and confidential data that are stored and protected. However, the threatening actors have been continuing to find ways to get into an organization’s system and get what they want.

Now, to build an adaptive defense architecture the intelligence of an organization always plays a significant role and the team created for Security Operations are held responsible for all threat intelligence analysis, and threat and incident response.

McAfee offers a tool that helps with just the task- McAfee Insights. It is carefully crafted to be a threat intelligence analyst and a threat responder.

You have easy access to the data showing the prevalence and/or the severity of possible threats all across the globe, which then helps the Security Operation Center to decide on response actions and get all the resources required from the Cyber Threat Intelligence relating to Cuba Ransomware Campaign.

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With McAfee Insights as the threat intelligence analyst and responder, you can also acquire more elaborated information like other links to source information, indicators of compromise and techniques aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK on Cuba Ransomware.

You can be prepared to safeguard your data and fight malware practices with McAfee as the very existence of the company is built on the foundation of security and unanimity.

Things MacAfee Had to Share

McAfee has always been contributing to bettering the world and bringing in togetherness. The members at McAfee have been sharing their personal experiences over the years to help every individual and every family protect their virtual and real lifestyles.

According to McAfee, the pandemic just made things much easier for these attackers by moving to a “Work from Home” culture. As home networks have slightly been behind as compared to organizational networks.

Let’s take a look at all the suggestions offered by McAfee:

  • Well, to make the Cuba Ransomware less risky organizations should deploy security architecture with correct controls of devices, be it in the Security operations or on the network.
  • It is unfortunate that the initial access for such threats, especially the Cuba Ransomware, has yet to be discovered and attackers have a variety of initial access techniques to choose from. This is why McAfee recommends that valid efficacy has been assured at all the layers of defenses.
  • Quickly scan all your system data for indicators that might be related to Cuba Ransomware and it can be done by downloading a list with indicators mentioned on it and by searching using available tools. However, having MVISION EDR and McAfee Insights can help you save some time at this stage.


Well, everything here is true- your data can get stolen and you might have to pay to recover it. But, if you avoid paying the attackers or recover data by other means, you still cannot think that your data is safe.

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Yes, Cuba Ransomware Campaign recently introduced a new behavior for such actions by the victims. The attackers publish all your data online on websites, which can be prevented or responded to with McAfee Insights.

Other than that McAfee offered a few suggestions that may help you safeguard your data and fight against Cuba Ransomware.

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