Seven proven tips to keep your Device Faster and Safer

In this world of fast-growing technology, anything (good or bad) is possible to happen. As people have started using the internet in a large number, the risk of hacking practices and other cybercrimes also have been increased proportionally. It does not matter whatever smartphones or computers we are using to perform online tasks, they are not safer anymore.

You may be surprised to know that we can keep our device faster and safer by adopting a few tactics. In this article, we are going to talk about the seven proven tips that can be perfect solutions to protect your device from several cyber threats. 

And yes! We will also guide you about top security solution software that will surely help you to protect your device.

Tips to Keep Your Device Faster and Safer

Tip 1: Review Your Accounts 

It is always a good idea to review your accounts from time to time. And try to delete them if you don’t use them on a regular basis. Go through checking your bookmarks, password manager, or other places where you have stored your passwords and usernames. There could be several accounts that you do not have used for a long time. So, you can deactivate it by navigating to your browsers settings. If you will clear such type of unnecessary information then it may help to prevent your details from wide exposure.

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Tip 2: Try to set a strong password for your accounts

We always recommend setting strong passwords for your accounts. A password is considered strong enough if it includes special characters, numbers, and alphabets. A strong password can help to protect your account from being hacked. You can also take the help of a password manager such as McAfee True Key to get the recommendation of a strong password. Try to keep passwords unique for each of your accounts.

Tip 3: Keep your device clean 

Keeping your device clean can improve the performance of your device. You can remove unnecessary installed applications from your device. Always try keeping your applications updated as it may help to keep your device safer. So, go through looking at your device and delete unnecessary files and apps that you do not need further.

Tip 4: Avoid sharing unnecessary information over social media

It is a bad habit if you are sharing such information over social media as they can be harmful to you. Social media is a public platform and your personal information can be used to hack your accounts. So, try to avoid sharing your credentials over social media to keep your device safer.

Tip 5: Organize and Delete duplicate photos on your device

Every day you click so many photos but few of them you really need to keep on your device. If you do not delete these photos from your device then it can slow down your device. To fix this issue you can backup your important photos over online cloud storage. Then, delete all unnecessary photos from your device that are not to be used in future.

Tip 6: Avoid Clicking on Unknown Links

While wandering over the internet you see numerous unknown links that are shown to you in many forms such as advertisements, promotions, and updates. So, before clicking on such types of links then ensure that these are trustworthy. If you find any type of doubt in your mind then avoid clicking on it. It may include malware and viruses and can be harmful to your device.

Tip 7: Install Security Solution Software on your device

If you want to ensure the full security of your device then you should install security solution software on your device. There are numerous security solution providers in the market but we will recommend going with a trusted brand and that is “McAfee Antivirus Security” software. It provides complete protection to your device that can save you from various cyber threats over the internet.


In short, it is very easy to keep your device safer and faster if you follow certain tactics on a regular basis. In this article, we have concluded a few definite practices that will be helpful for you to keep your device fast and secure. Make sure that you have bought security solution software if not then head to buy it now.

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