A sneak peek into different types of hackers

There are good people and bad people and similar is the case with hackers. Just like you can easily differentiate between a good person and a bad person because of his activities, the same way you can categorize a good and bad hacker into different kinds.

For a normal human being who is not associated with the tech world in any manner, it might be difficult to find out the difference between the two.

As far as I know, there are not just two types of hackers but more than that. Hence, I am going to give you a glimpse of all those 7 different types about which I know. Apart from that, we shall also discuss their associated activities.

This will not only help you in recognizing each one but also you will be able to identify them around you, in the news articles, or in different areas of your life.

Find out the details on types of hackers below

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  • White Hat Hackers: white is always a sign of professionalism. Hence, the name ‘white hat hacker’ has something to do with professionalism. We can simply say that these are good hackers. Now, you must be thinking what is so good about them? Well, these persons are hired by the companies so as to find out the loopholes in the security system of an organization. They try to hack their own company’s data so that vulnerabilities can be found and fixed.
  • Black Hat Hackers: these are completely opposite to white hat hackers. These are the actual hackers for whom this term was coined. They hack into people’s systems to actually steal their data and misuse it. In simple terms, we can say that their aim is always negative and whatever they do is for their own benefit. These are the ones who create a virus and stimulate a scam.
  • Script Kiddies: This is another version of ‘black hat hacker’. These types of hackers get help from the professional black hat hackers and also borrow hacking programs from them to carry out similar tasks.
  • Hacktivists: these are the persons who do not take the hacking task on purpose and their aim is not to steal anyone’s identity or do money theft. But, they hack into people’s systems only after becoming agitated by political or religious pressures. Apart from this, there are those kinds of hackers who do such kinds of activities for entertainment purposes.
  • Hackers sponsored by the State: many state governments need to stay ahead from other states and do be the controlling authority they hire hackers. Hence, to ensure that a particular state is ahead in managing cyberspace, these hackers come into action.
  • Spy hackers: most of the organizations wish to hack into the information of their competitors and get secret knowledge about the trade-in which they are involved in. So, you can say that these are similar to hacktivists who are hired for completing a specific hacking task.
  • Cyber terrorists: these are also similar to hacktivists whose motto is not to gain financially but to fulfill a religious or political belief. Not only this, but their aim is also to create a feeling of fear and tension among people and make them believe that they will be killed.


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