Effective measures to boost the speed of Windows 10 latest version

With the majority of shares in the desktop OS segment, Windows have built its mark and became the most popular desktop operating system, which is being globally used. However, despite such popularity, issues in latest versions for Windows still remain the same.

At present, Windows 10 is fast and efficient; it is advance in features than the earlier versions of Windows.  However, in old PCs, the Windows performance lacks vitality. If you access applications on your Windows 10 computer, then there might be chances of your processor to become slow.

In this article, you will get to know some neat hacks that can help you to boost the speed of Windows 10 processor. Below are the quick hacks, by which you can speed up the processor of your Windows 10 software.

  1. Disabling Startup Programs: – The startup programs are basically the applications which start running the moment you turn on your PC. These programs run in the background of your system. Such programs eat up the computer resources and make the Windows processor slow. You need to disable such startup programs to boost the speed of Windows 10 processor.
  2. Deactivating background applications: – These applications run in the background in order to receive notifications and updates. Such application makes the processor slow besides draining the battery, so you need to disable the background apps first.
  3. Deactivating Cortana: – If you are not using Cortana on a regular basis then it is better to disable it. The will enable you to utilize enough storage space and important resources in the background.
  4. Turn of Multiple antivirus programs: – It’s a bad idea to install the multiple antivirus programs. An antivirus program checks the authenticity in files and folders. It continuously runs in the background of your computer, which makes the computer processor slow. In fact, you do not need to install the one as Windows comes with a pre-installed antivirus known as ‘Defender’.
  5. Boosting Windows 10 speed by managing settings in Windows: – there are some Windows settings which you should change in order to enhance the performance of your Windows OC. These options are Change Privacy Settings, Deactivate Delivery optimization and Change Power Plan.
  6. Disabling Windows Update: – Sometimes, handling Windows updates becomes a terrible task and also makes the processor slow. Moreover, Windows keeps downloading and transferring hefty files in the background, which makes the processor slow. Hence, you need to deactivate the Windows update.

Conclusion: –

There are many other hacks which can be considered to speed up your Windows processor.  However, you need to understand that disabling the applications and programs, which are not in use and still running in the background will make the processor slow. You need to deactivate such applications before the Windows processor becomes slow.

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