Facebook Doesn’t Ensure Your Privacy Over “Voice Messages”

We always get to hear about privacy scams when we talk about social media. Recently, we came to know that Facebook, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg has made it in the list of tech companies who abolish our privacy norms by listening to the private conversation of users. Not only this, the rumors are that the company took help of external contractors to accomplish their illegal activity of listening to the users’ voice messages.

Beware: Facebook has Access to your Voice Messages

According to some external sources, it was found out that these contractors were being paid by the company to record users’ conversation from Facebook messenger. The recorded chats included various kinds of exchanged messages between users such as vulgar, sensitive content, and more. The people who are closely related to this scam have told that the contractors were not aware of the reason for what reasons they are doing such activity.

There are many contractors hired for performing this task and the one among them is TaskUs Inc. The company also remarked that they were never informed about the aim and whereabouts of recording these audio messages. This was something suspicious for them and it leads to them thinking to be involved in illegal activities.

Facebook Admits of Committing the Crime

Facebook has confessed that it hired people to transcribe users’ voice messages chats to ensure that its AI can understand the messages. Resulting in this, the company has stopped this practice. Although it did mention in its privacy policy that it may collect user data, it did not clearly state that it could record voice messages. It doesn’t specifically mention which data it may collect.

Not only Facebook, but Apple’s Siri was also found out to be recording users’ conversations including sex chats. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are also amongst the criminals who are doing such unfavorable things to users’ privacy. Once they were disclosed of their crime, Apple and Google barred this practice and following this, Amazon has provided users’ with the option to opt-out of the process according to their convenience.

What Can be Done to Fight Against Such Social Media Scams?

The companies who are accused of committing the crime claim to do so in the name of enhancing their voice chatting feature. They also mentioned that it is the part of the analysis process but it is done by keeping at stake the privacy of the users who are unaware of everything. As a result of this, the Federal Trade Commission fined Facebook and it should be done to other such companies as well.

Companies like Facebook and Apple take their steps back from this path and instead follow other methods for enhancing their services. One thing they can do to improve their voice message feature is to use sample audio clips as the replacement of actual conversation of the users. They should also take note of the consequences of this for avoiding further trouble to themselves as well as the users.

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