Fake news vs real news: Everything you should know

People in older times used to say that incomplete knowledge about anything is as dangerous as poison. But, at that time we took these words very lightly until we landed in this world of fake news.

You might have heard of the consequences that are led by fake news and social media has become a platform for the spread of the same. Nowadays, there is hardly anybody who is not using social media. From literate people to the illiterate ones, everybody can be found using social platforms.

Unfortunately, these people work as the agent of the spread of fake news on a large level. Most of the time, people who do not know anything about particular news are the ones to highlight it more as if the whole responsibility of making it viral is on them.

But, we also know the fact that there is a huge difference between the news shared and the actual news.

Even without introspecting the truths and facts behind it, there are many such people who ignite the news without giving it a second thought. So, next up we will be talking about how to spot a piece of fake news and real news.

Learn the difference

Media literacy is one thing that can help people in this scenario. By this, we mean that how one can be critical while scrolling through the news which is available online.

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The first thing you should look for in fake news that it is made viral on purpose or mistakenly. Since we know that human beings are subject to making errors in their lives, the same is the case with the one who is spreading fake news. Maybe, he is not educated enough to make out if the news which he is spreading is the fake one or the real one.

  • Analyze the source- Taking the points given above into consideration, the best thing you should do is to go to the source of the news and analyze if it is a reliable one or not.
  • Check out different platforms- after this, go through different platforms to check out if others have published the same news or not. If they have, then go through their content and check its credibility.
  • Use Wikipedia to learn about the source- in case you are unable to know about the credibility of the source, you may use Wikipedia for this purpose. Just navigate to this platform and get all the details about the source. Do not forget to check out the footnotes and citations on it.
  • Beware of emotionally-driven news- most fake news creators use such titles and content that will make your heart skip a beat and you easily get convinced to share it. However, such news may not always be true.
  • Be skeptical about sponsored news- there are many scams that resulted from the spread of fake sponsored news and hence you should analyze these contents thoroughly.

In reference to the points mentioned above, the last thing I wish to inform the readers is that they should not always believe what they see or read. The truth behind any news can be far beyond your expectation.

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