Galaxy S10 Facing Criticism for Front Camera issues with third-party apps

Samsung S10 series is facing a serious criticism by users for the hardware they offer and the new hole-punch display. Samsung chooses to set up a hole-punch display in Galaxy S10 to introduce a bigger display without compromising the size of the images.

Samsung Galaxy S10

However, the user-experiences and feedbacks demonstrated serious glitches with the front camera of all-new Galaxy S10 Variants. According to a number of reports came from Galaxy S10 users, the front camera of the premium handset can only be used in cropped mode with a third-party camera app, rather than displaying full-screen of view that lens is capable of. Unfortunately, the issue does not stay with one handset, but apparently been discovered in all 3 variants of Samsung Galaxy S10 series, sources claim.

The new Galaxy S10 variants are installed with a wide-angled lens in front camera. The Galaxy S10e and the Galaxy S10 carries a single camera setup while the Galaxy S10+ includes a hole-punch design for the dual camera setup for selfie images. Samsung installed the same 10-megapixel camera for selfie images on all variants.

However, the primary camera app that comes pre-installed on your device opens in a cropped mode of 6MP that displays a full field of view, which is quite similar to the selfie camera mode of other manufacturers. To put a cherry on top of the cake, the users can opt for using a camera in the full field of view as an additional feature that is offered by a 10MP sensor.

Apparently, Galaxy S10 models are equipped with API technology that enables third-party camera apps only to use cropped mode on the front side. It’s an absurd restriction undermining the capability of such an expensive handset. There is no sense behind such an odd decision of Samsung, but we have seen a number of manufacturers offering dual front cameras following the same mistake of allowing only one camera to be used with a third-party app.

So perchance, it is an inherent limitation of Android more than anything else and Samsung just as other manufacturers aren’t interested in providing a workaround for the millions of camera across the OS.

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