Tips to fight against GPS Spoofing scam

Every other day we get to witness a number of scams, cyber-attacks, online data breaches, and similar threats to our digital world. There isn’t a digital field that is untouched by the scammers and now they have stretched their hands towards the Global Positioning System i.e. GPS.

So, we shall discuss what GPS spoofing is and how we can combat its attacks. However, to understand the whole concept we need to know GPS is. Well, this is a programmed system present in the vehicles as well as smart devices that tell a person about the locations where he is going to travel. It includes some specific details about different locations. 

This helps them reach the desired position efficiently without any struggle and asking others for the right way. However, the scammers have now found out the ways for exploiting this system for their selfish gains.

Let us know what GPS spoofing is

Scammers know that a lot of people nowadays are using GPS and hence they took it as an opportunity. Because of the loopholes present in every system, cyber attackers look for vulnerabilities present in it due to which you may become a victim of one such attack. 

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Now, the question arises about what GPS spoofing actually is. To understand the term in a better way, we can say that it takes place when a scammer tries to send fake signals to your GPS to attack the legitimate ones. This scenario should not be taken similar to GPS jamming which is completely a different attack. However, it could be a greater threat to businesses. 

The scammers attack your device in such a way that you did not get even slightest of the ideas about it. Due to this, the drivers reach off to a completely different place. Most such scams happened with companies who deal with the shipping of the products. Other than that, taxi service providers and many construction companies became the victim of GPS spoofing. 

When the victim reaches the wrong location, he often is hijacked and his stuff is theft. This usually happens with shipping companies who deal in the shipping of goods. 

Now, that we know how GPS Spoofing takes place and how it affects us, it’s time to know how we can combat such attacks.

General safety tips

  • The first tip is for business owners according to which they are recommended to not make their GPS antennas appear publicly. If you do not hide it, then there are increased chances for you to become a victim.
  • Other than this, you may also install a fake antenna to lure the attackers who would think it is a legitimate one.
  • There is also some software available in the market that works well in the field of detection of GPS spoofing. 
  • You may also customize the system to as not to respond to spoofed GPS data. 
  • Other than this, one should keep the GPS turned off when it is not in use.

Additionally, you should also adopt other security methods to stay ahead of such attacks. Regularly changing passwords, using two-factor authentication, enabling firewalls, and so on may also help you avoid GPS spoofing attacks.

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