It’s time to be on your guard from Amazon imposters

It brings us so much excitement that we could shop anything at the comfort of our home. One click and you get your favorite product delivered at your doorstep. 

The online shopping platforms not only prove to be helpful to the buyers but also to the retailers because it has expanded their business exceptionally. But, with the increase in the number of people who are shopping online, the risk attached to it has also increased. 

Online shopping may seem simple to you, but it is not as safe and simple as you think it to be as hackers are always on their path to create mischief. 

In a few reports submitted by the people of different countries, it came out that a lot of Amazon users were attacked by the scammers. 

How this scam is carried out?

The working mechanism of this scam is quite similar to other online scams. Here, the scammer becomes an imposter from Amazon customer service. 

Their main objective is to get hold of the essential information of the Amazon users. The victim who is seeking help from the customer’s executive does not get connected to the official support team but to its imposters. 

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The imposters then tries to convince the victim into paying an amount, failing to do so his system will be freezed or get hacked. The customer on the other side has no choice but to pay the requested amount to use his computer again. 

What actually happened with the victims?

Other than the one incident mentioned above, one more such incident happened with another user who got a fraud email from the security team of Amazon. 

The email said that the particular person is charged with some amount and the failure to pay which resulted in the closure of their accounts. When this account gets blocked, the victim is then asked to share his financial details so as to unlock it. 

Many such incidents took place in the past due to which the customer lost a huge amount as she wasn’t fully aware of any such scams. 

How to stay protected?

Many Amazon imposters are reported in the past few years as Amazon is one such platform that people trust a lot. Taking advantage of this trust, people get easily tricked and do not get even a slightest of hints that they are being tricked. 

However, one can take preventive measures to stay ahead of such scams. And, the first thing that one can do on his part is to stay alert of everything going around him. After this, you may consider following these tips:

  • Visit the official platform- for making any kind of purchases or resolving any queries related to the same, consumers should visit the official website or use the source application. 
  • Be sceptical about the emails- when you receive any email from a platform asking you to share your personal info, make sure to check the email address of the sender. Also, visit the official platform and see the activities on your account to verify what has gone wrong.
  • Make purchases on COD- if the shopping platform allows you to purchase a product on COD, then do not miss this opportunity. In case you wish to pay for it online, then make use of the credit card for doing so. 

In addition to this, you need to ensure that the website you are visiting does not have a spelling mistake in it. If it has a spelling mistake or ends with a suspicious suffix, then it is surely an imposter platform.

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