How do I Disable McAfee Firewall Security on Windows 10?

McAfee antivirus gives default firewall protection right from the moment you start using it. The software helps users to secure websites by blocking malicious activities and downloads. Although you can try a free trial version of McAfee activate, you will only access advanced features if you have a paid version. Available on, McAfee activates products can easily be download with and without an activation code. In case your trial version is expired, buy a subscription to get effective internet & firewall security features.

Having a security wall on your computer keeps you away from the reach of cybercriminals and online threats. However, if you want to disable the firewall security on your Windows 10 operating system, the settings below will guide you manually.

Follow steps to disable McAfee firewall security:

  1. Open Setting/ Control panel interface on the screen
  2. Click Network & Internet
  3. Select ‘Windows Firewall’
  4. Turn off the setting on the next page
  5. Next, to disable the setting on McAfee directly, proceed with the steps below
  6. From the taskbar of your Windows screen, click and open McAfee activate the main interface
  7. Select Web & email protection option (if you do not see this option on the main screen, go to settings)
  8. Un-mark the check-box opposite to the option
  9. Turn off the option of Firewall
  10. Complete any further on-screen instruction and make sure to save the settings before closing the window

If you feel like the software is blocking your access to a website you visit frequently, you can turn down the setting. The changes are done correctly. In case you face any issue to complete the settings, you may connect with the official support team of McAfee activate. The experts will respond to you instantly and guide you with the proper and easy solution.

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