How to deal with expired McAfee subscription?

After completing 30 days free trial of McAfee products, you will be notified that “Your Trial Version Has Expired” or about to expire soon. The alerts you see are similar to the following:

  • Your subscription has expired x days ago
  • Your McAfee subscription has expired
  • Your McAfee anti-virus protection is over
  • Your subscription will end in x days
  • Your McAfee subscription is about to run out
  • Your trial will end in x days

You will also be notified even when your subscription is not near the expiration date. You might also see other subscription-related messages. As to protect what you value and renew your subscription.

What are the causes?

There are various reasons for these subscription messages. For example:

  1. As you have not renewed your subscription or purchased a new subscription then, you will be notified that your subscription has expired or is about to expire
  2. You have renewed your subscription or purchased a new subscription, but the subscription has not been synced to your product. You will be notified that your subscription has expired or is about to expire. This problem takes place because of various reasons, including:
  • You may face this problem with your Internet connection
  • Incorrect settings in your computer
  • Your account is having a problem
  • Your McAfee database information is incorrect

Solution 1

To fix the issue of your expired subscription, you need to renew the subscription or purchase a new product or suite. With the help of below information, you can fix it:

  • You can purchase a subscription
  • You can also renew your previous subscription

To know more about purchasing or renewing a McAfee subscription, then visit the official site and log in to your McAfee account. You can take help of virtual assistants for expert guidance.

In case, you are notified about the expiry of your subscription, however, you know your subscription is still active, then go through Solution 2.

Solution 2

When you start

  • Sometimes you need to restart the device
  • Save all your open files
  • Now, close all your programs
  • Make sure that you have your McAfee My Account credentials available

Internet connectivity is necessary for your computer

A good internet connection is required while installing McAfee Security on your device. A good connection hints towards the fact that your McAfee subscription database is up to date.

Perform the following procedure on seeing the subscription alert:

  1. Firstly, you need to open your web browser and visit
  2. Search and verify that the resulting load quickly
  3. If the search results pages do not load or are very slow to load, restart your device and try again
  4. If the search result pages load normally

In conclusion

These were the reasons and their solutions. If you face any other issues related to your subscription then visit on the official site and seek help from customer support, as they are available 24*7.

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