How to fix McAfee Virus Scan installation issues?

There are many people who wish to keep their device’s data secure and for this, they deploy some antivirus solutions on their devices. Sometimes, people who install the McAfee Virus Scan or any other McAfee software on their device come across problems while doing so. Their computer screen displays various kinds of error messages such as “Installation incomplete” or “McAfee virus scan failed to install”.


In this situation, a user feels frustrated but instead of doing so, he should try to eradicate the error by finding out a solution at There are certain steps a user can take to get rid of the installation errors with his McAfee products. First of all, you should run the pre-install tool of your or temporary enable the admin account. If these do not work, he can run the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR) to eliminate the error.

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Effective ways to eradicate “McAfee virus scan failed” issue

Method 1- Run the pre-install tool on your device to prepare it for the installation.

  1. Download the Pre-Install Tool by looking for it on your web browser and save it on your desktop.
  2. Furthermore, click twice on the .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. When the warning message appears on your screen, click on the “yes” option.
  4. When the process completes, tap on “Ok” and then tap the “Close” button.
  5. In the end, restart the device and check if the issue is resolved or not.

If the issue persists, go to the next solution so that you can easily install McAfee products on your device.

Method 2- Use the Administrator account

If you use an account other than the admin’s account, then you might be lacking the permissions needed to complete the installation process. This is the reason why sometimes you can’t download any PDF files.

  1. Using the admin account you have to open the command box.
  2. Now type “net user administrator /active: yes” and hit the “Enter” key.
  3. After closing the command prompt, press the CTRL+ALT+DEL key all at once.
  4. Now, log out from Windows and go to the next step.
  5. When the sign-in screen opens once again, click on the Administrator account and complete the sign-in process.
  6. Try to install the McAfee Virus Scan once again.

Method 3-Use McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR)

  1. Download the MCPR tool from McAfee com activate so that you can install McAfee products easily.
  2. When the tool gets downloaded, click twice on the .exe file.
  3. When the security warning displays on your screen, click Yes/Continue/Run.
  4. At the Software Removal screen, click “Next” and accept the license agreement.
  5. When the Security Validation screen appears on your screen, type the case-sensitive characters the same as displayed.
  6. When the process completes, you will see either of the two messages; “Removal Complete” or “Cleanup Unsuccessful”.

Final thought-

Sometimes, software fails to install on your device because either the device is incompatible or you have forgotten to remove the previously installed software from your device. In this situation, you may visit and find an apt solution for your problems.

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