iPhone 11: Here’s everything you need to know about it

People are anticipating the latest iPhone series i.e. iPhone 11 in the month of September with its new and unique features. The unique feature, which is catching the eye of the customers, is its wireless reverse charging capacity.

As per the reports published by the analyst, Ming-Chi Quo (reports an Apple Insider), in this upcoming version of iPhone, people will see a hike of around 20-25 percent in battery size. On the other hand, older iPhones will only have a hike of only 12-15 percent in battery size.

This increase in battery size and life will get more attention.  Now people can charge other Apple devices such as Airpods2 from their smartphones. The extra capacity means you can share this extra power anywhere without any resistance while maintaining the same daily endurance.

Evaluating the new iPhone with other models

It will also knock down the effect when you evaluate your iPhone and larger Android phone.  The iPhone 11 Max will have 3950 mAh battery that offers a similar capacity to a handset like the 4100 mAh Galaxy S10+.

Earlier, Apple prides itself for having an extra-thin body but now it has another thing to take the pride upon. Although it has now become slimmer, it is going to have a display that is more expensive. The screen that usually recalls that in late 2018 the suggestion was made that Apple was dropping 3D Touch from the 2019 handsets. Then the discussion moved to the balance in the bill of materials. Now, the focus has been shifted to the new dimensions and will give extra space for the battery.

Talking about the prince range

A well-known fact about Apple product, it always demands people to prepare for a little extra than the last.  But this time, the rage is pretty much similar to the last models. iPhone11 models will range between  $1,313 USD and $1,444USD and may vary as well depending on the specifications. Disclosed schematics have caught current buzz that the iPhone 11 will sport a visually innovative triple camera setup to its rare.

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