Kids Grow Up Really Fast in This Technology-dominated World

There have been thousands of times when family relatives walk up to kids and say, “We cannot believe you’ve grown up so much”. It’s a cliché, right?

Well, people do grow up. It is happening each second of the day. So, when people grow, lifestyles change, needs change, even priorities change. For instance, kids may love playing outdoors in their early years, but that changes later.

Likewise, kids move on from being crazy about toy cell phones playing music to smartphones with an entire world of technological possibilities. On one hand, smartphones have helped in bringing people closer, getting things done quicker and easier, and on the other hand, it has made people exposed to real-time threats.

These threats have redefined the vulnerability. Cybercrimes and cyber attacks aren’t as trivial as they used to be. They have evolved alongside the world’s technological evolution.

So, McAfee published a blog written by someone who specializes in mobile security, warning and helping people about getting prepared for their child’s/children’s first smartphone.

Knowing That It’s Time

The most important thing about this read is helping people know the right time to provide smartphones to their kids. As new-age parents, who use a smartphone, you are well-aware of what people find there. Smartphones are the easiest way to get caught up in the glamour that social media is.

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There are several apps, social media services (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and so much more), and chat groups (like Telegram, Whisper, Clubhouse, etc). There’s everything to keep your kids stuck to their phones for the most portion of a day.

They are probably familiar with all of these existing concepts and ideas on the Internet network. But, McAfee understands that as a parent you’d never stop worrying. And, this is how they’re trying to help.

When you first introduce your kids to the Internet, you must have told them about the perks. However, telling them and preparing them about the downfalls of excess involvement must be mandated. You cannot know the right time, you just have to make a judgment based on their actions.

Knowing that your kids are clear on the basic rules about making connections with strangers, not sharing too much information, and dealing with both good and bad versions of the Internet, is a clear manifestation of good preparation.

Staying in Touch- the Alternatives

However, if you are considering giving them a smartphone to just stay in contact throughout the day, or you are in a dilemma, then listed below are a few alternative options that the McAfee-published blog suggests:

  • Smart Watches-There are tones of smartwatches for children that you’d find online with several features (including voice calls, location tracking, and an SOS button.)
  • Phone for Children-Yes, there are limited feature mobile phones that only offer the basic features that your kids can use to stay in touch.
  • Foldable cell phones-These are inexpensive alternatives that help your kids to stay in touch without having to use the Internet along with making them responsible for taking care of their telephonic devices.

Preparing the Apple of Your Eyes

As mentioned before, McAfee understands that you won’t ever stop worrying. Well, here’s what you can do before you get your kids their first smartphones- talk to them.

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Yes, talk to them about anything and everything that they need to or should know about things that the Internet and a smartphone offer. Both good and bad. Make them aware of cyber-attacks/cyberbullies, social media courtesy, and all about digital literacy.

Tell them about every possible aspect of potential threats to help them stay away from getting in trouble. It is very significant that you (as parents), and your kids agree on the problem-prevention aspects.


Well, you cannot stop them from owning and using a smartphone after a certain age. They grew up fast. But they are still your kids. They can take care of themselves, but that doesn’t stop you from taking care of them.

So, the two very critical things you should ensure to provide protection, according to the blog published by McAfee, are security measures for their smartphones, and parental controls to a certain extent.

  • Put a mobile security solution into the smartphone you bought for your kid (Android or iPhone). This would effectively provide your kids with basic protection (such as scanning of their devices or connected ones), and some additional protection to keep suspicious websites and links at bay. And what could be a better solution than McAfee protection programs (or service packages)!
  • Implement parental controls on your child’s or children’s smartphones. You’ll be able to monitor their activities and prevent them from going to malicious websites, filter websites, block internet notifications, track their location, and limit their screen time. It would be best to let them know and talk about it. McAfee offers a specific and exclusive protection solution with parental controls to help you with this.

Make Them Feel Protected

It’s not just the blog, but McAfee has been recommending people to interact and communicate with each other for a better built-up human relationship. You should be talking to your kids about their Internet activities.

You can ask them about their new favourite applications, games, or simply about which level they are at in their games. Ask them all kinds of questions, do not force them to answer, make sure they know that it’s a safe space. Keep the communication alive, and conquer against the cyber threats (if any) together.


Well, McAfee has been raising awareness about cybercrimes and helping people fight them with their exclusive antivirus solutions and services. As a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR), it has a blog site where published materials are directed towards the prevention of these mishaps.

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McAfee published a blog by an individual specialized in mobile security about worried parents who are facing the dilemma of whether or not to provide smartphones to their kids. The above read helps you make that decision and let you have the authority on protecting your kids.

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