Ensure kids safety while practicing social distancing

Practicing social distancing is the need of the hour during coronavirus spread. Governments of various countries have taken measures to ensure that this disease doesn’t spread from one human being to another. They have completely locked down their countries and restricted people from coming out of their homes.

Kids do not have to go to schools any longer and elders have started to work from home. But, this has resulted in boredom among children. Since they have got nothing to do and have a lot of spare time, hence, they like to spend it on surfing the web. Hence, it is now the responsibility and duty of elders to make sure that they do not indulge in cyber-criminal activities.

Consider these online safety tips

  • Do not keep devices or gadgets in different areas- by keeping them in a common area, parents can easily keep an eye on their children and monitor their activities.

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  • Set limits- by setting limits for playing online games, surfing the web, studying, children will have equal time for engaging other activities as well.
  • Explain the importance of passwords- by setting passwords in the maximum gadgets and devices present in your home, you can easily teach kids why securing devices with passwords is necessary. You may also tell them about 2-factor authentication and how to use it.
  • Filter the content- children go through whatever content they get at face value. Since they do not have to think critically on a topic, that is why parents should make sure that they do not go through inappropriate content by using McAfee Safe Family or McAfee Total Protection 2020.
  • Discuss online privacy- have an open conversation about online privacy and what could be done to ensure you do not fall victim to an online scam. Tell them not to share their personal information on social media and keep it private.
  • Use a VPN- try to apply a VPN on each device you have and make sure that your children are browsing through a Virtual Private Network.
  • Explain about scams- tell them how scammers can misuse their information, photographs, and other information and trick them into becoming a victim of their scams. Ask them not to click on suspicious links.


Ask kids to not to speak to strangers and share their information with them. Because no one can understand the intention of a scammer and what is running in their minds. Discuss all the drawbacks of surfing the web without practicing caution.

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