Get to know all about Scriptproxy for McAfee?

Nowadays, we spend most of the time surfing the web and going through different online and social media platforms. But have you ever thought that every activity on the Internet is being watched by someone and you may be hacked anytime and become the victim of a hacker’s ploy? Thankfully, McAfee has us covered and is successfully safeguarding our identity for long. It has various features included in single software. Some McAfee products are developed in such a way that they provide a good deal of security specifically when we are surfing the Internet.

What is ScriptProxy?

One such software among many others is McAfee VirusScan. As the name itself suggests, the software provides us safety by scanning for the presence of viruses or malware on our device. This scanning function undergoes some programming through which it can complete its task. There is a script scanner included in it that provides high-level Internet security to its users.

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There is a file through which all of these activities are covered and this remains at the core of the script-scanning function. This file is known as “scriptproxy.dll.” When a user runs McAfee VirusScan on his PC he might be prompted to turn-on or turn-off the ScriptProxy. He is asked to do so depending on the type of web browser he is using and the browser pop-up window will display the message to enable or disable it.

What is Scriptproxy.dll?

It is a file that that comes into action when a person on whose’ PC VirusScan has been deployed browses through the Internet. This also is called into action when he visits a website that includes ActiveX controls. This does make sure that the website script is not layered with any kind of malicious content or virus. McAfee uses this file to have a deep insight and scan through the Java and Visual Basic script which is on the way.

Errors that may arise because of Scriptproxy.dll

By deeply analyzing this process, Microsoft has concluded that when a DLL file comes into contact with VirusScan Enterprise 8.0, it may last a negative impact. This file can interfere with a program in some versions of Windows that undergo the same process of running and processing Active X controls as well. This leads to failure of the scripts and a few websites may go out of action. Thankfully, Microsoft has found a way out of this problem. By using this method, we can easily deactivate scriptproxy.dll without having to disable other McAfee services.

How to deal with ScriptProxy browser messages?

If you get a pop-up message related to this, you may immediately get in touch with the network administrator because it may cost you a big deal. In Internet Explorer 9, you might be asked to enable or disable it. If you choose to disable it, then you won’t be able to specify those web pages that you do not want to be included in script scanning. However, this will not stop ScriptScan from running and continuing its function. Internet Explorer 11 users on whose PC there has been enhanced protection available, may come across fake messages telling them that the ScriptProxy is no more enabled. The users are advised to enable the Enhanced Protection Mode before holding ScriptScan responsible for issues.

Final words-

If you come across problems while using VirusScan that you have downloaded, then you may uninstall and reinstall the software. Because a PC on which there is no antivirus enabled is more vulnerable to hacking than the ones on which there is.

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