Top 5 tips to magnify your Cloud Security

Keeping in mind the time frame we all are going through, we cannot deny the fact that our data has become more vulnerable than ever. Businesses are having a tough time and employees are trying their best to cope up with this situation. IT industries are taking every measure to keep their data secured.

Collaborating with each other is the need of the hour, therefore, most of our business information is stored on the cloud. But, have you ever thought if it is secure or not? What measures have been taken to keep it away from the prying eyes?

If these questions are also troubling you, then you must not delay in taking the apt security measures for overcoming this fear of data loss. For doing this, I have listed some cloud security tips that you can apply and ensure data safety.

Cloud security implication tips for businesses

  1. Look deeper into shadow IT- whenever you convert your files from one format to the other, the data can easily go in the wrong hands through shadow cloud services. Therefore, this becomes the responsibility of the business authority to keep employees data protected. Hence, apt security measures should be taken while transferring or converting data.
  2. Make use of Global single sign-on services- The implication of global SSO ensures that employees cannot access the organizational platforms once they leave the office. Along with this, the SSO makes sure that your password can be used by anyone else except you. Also, when an employee forgets his password, he cannot reset it himself without taking the help of the administration.
  3. Imply the latest technology- with each passing day technology keeps on evolving and cloud services are no way behind. Cloud also keeps on receiving updates, therefore, users should keep up with the latest technology and install the updates of the software as soon as it rolls out.
  4. Merge DLP with your cloud- businesses strive hard to reach a certain goal. They make use of the best of the technology and security measures to keep their data protected. But, one mistake can cost them a lot, therefore, while moving to the cloud, businesses should use DLP models for achieving a highly-secured management system.
  5. Train your employees- this is one of the most important factors that one should consider for enhanced cloud security. Businesses should imply every possible method to train employees before they start to save their data on the cloud. It is essential to give them proper training too by experts who are into this for long.

Other than this, businesses can make use of McAfee MVISION’s Cloud-Native Data Security. It not only protects your data over the cloud but also when you transfer it from cloud to another platform. Users who do not know how cloud data leakage can lead to huge financial, as well as security losses, can learn from the incidents of the past where cloud data was hacked at a major level.

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