Renew McAfee Security Software 2022

Are you getting notifications from McAfee asking you to renew your subscription? Well, this subscription renewal reminder is not taken seriously by many because they think one year subscription is enough to protect a device for lifetime. However, this is not a good practice and should be avoided at any cost. Renewing a subscription is as essential as securing your device for the first time. When you renew your McAfee software, it helps you in staying ahead of new day threats that may harm you in the absence of an antivirus.

Since, there are a lot of antivirus providers available around us, make sure you opt for a trusted brand like McAfee. If you have already used it, then you must be knowing the functionality it offers to its users. So, if your subscription has expired recently or going to expire soon, then you must renew it before it is too late.

Henceforth, I am going to shed some light on how to renew McAfee subscriptions in the upcoming sections. There are multiple ways through which you can achieve this target and each of them is discussed separately here.

Instructions for McAfee Antivirus auto-renewal

  1. 01) Enter in the search bar of your web browser.
  2. 02) Now, click on the ‘Sign In’ option and enter your login credentials.
  3. 03) When prompted, click on the ‘My Account’ option.
  4. 04) From here, locate and select ‘Auto-renewal’ settings to renew your subscription.
  5. 05) Click ‘Disabled’ present next to ‘Auto-renewal setting is set-off’.
  6. 06) When you do so, you will see that this option has been changed to ‘Enabled’.
  7. 07) In the end, click ‘Save’ to apply your auto-renewal settings.

Guidelines to renew your McAfee subscription manually

If you do not wish to opt for auto-renewal, you can manually renew your subscription:

  1. 01) From a web browser, visit the Official Website.
  2. 02) After this, login to your McAfee Account by entering the login details.
  3. 03) To get your hands on the account details, go to the ‘My Account’ section.
  4. 04) Now, look for the details of your subscription plan and see if it is active or needs renewal.
  5. 05) Click on the ‘Renew’ option of your subscription that has expired.
  6. 06) If prompted, enter the billing details and you are done with manually renewing it.

Walkthrough to upgrade your McAfee Security subscription

Subscription update through the web portal

  • 01) From a preferred web browser, visit
  • 02) After this, click Settings, Subscription info.
  • 03) Next, enter the 25 digit product key and hit ‘Submit’ to automatically update the details of your account.
  • 04) Now, open McAfee Mobile Security from your device.
  • 05) Next, you need to enter your Mobile Security PIN.
  • 06) Select ‘Options’ followed by ‘Subscription info’.
  • 07) On the next page, select ‘Update Subscription’.

Subscription update from your local device

Quick tip: You can update the McAfee activate subscription of different kinds of products be it McAfee Total Protection or any other. Use the following steps in order to update your McAfee subscription from your mobile device.

  1. 01) From your mobile device, go to Mobile Security and open it.
  2. 02) Next, enter the login PIN to access the software.
  3. 03) Select ‘Options’ and click on ‘Subscription Information’.
  4. 04) Then, select the ‘Enter the subscription key’ option.
  5. 05) Type the activation code and hit the ‘OK’ option.

To access your 25 digit product key, you need to navigate to the inbox of your registered email address. Kindly ensure that you enter this code carefully because it is highly case sensitive and do not forget to upgrade/renew your subscription timely. It is suggested to never leave your device without any protection.

Also note that, if you get stuck at any point while completing these steps, then you may repeat the whole procedure from the beginning. If nothing helps, uninstall and reinstall your product. For further assistance, visit the official website of McAfee.

Disclaimer** We are not McAfee and hence we disclaim the usage of its logos, images, or brand names on this website. However, you may find similar content on our page. This website has been specifically created for those who wish to get their hands on the informative content regarding McAfee. Our aim is only to offer you guidelines or tutorials for activating your purchased McAfee software. For any financial or incidental loss, we shall not be held responsible in any circumstances.