Dream, Make-a-wish and Watch Mcafee Bring It to Life

The world is evolving and we’ve seen gaps in human relationships. With technological advancements, especially the extremely engaging social media people often find themselves distanced from their family and friends.

In an entirely distant world, McAfee is one company dreaming of a world that only has oneness and wishes for it to come true.

Well, talking about wishes, McAfee understands that making wishes come true holds a lot of untold significance. And so, a team of McAfee members decided to help make a few wishes come true.

They joined hands with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and granted some wishes.

Wondering What Make-a-wish Foundation Is?

This amazing non-profit organization raises funds and fulfils the wishes of critically ill children. The age requirement set by the foundation is 2.5 years to 18 years old.

The granting of wishes are focused on children who have been diagnosed with medical conditions that are life-threatening and thrives to see their happy faces.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation doesn’t just raise money, it also collects airline miles to grant travel wishes of the kids.

Every year the requirement of these miles have been noticed to be on an average of 2.8 billion miles (or tickets to 50 thousand round-trips) if considered nationally.

McAfee moved ahead with an idea of the initiative and added to the cause with care.

Why Did Mcafee Take the Philanthropy Approach?

McAfee has always stuck to their vision of a united world that will fight and conquer all battles against the wrong and spread only safe spaces and smiles.

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Beginning with empowering their employees to initiate anything that helps in giving back to society. And McAfee, the philanthropic approach has always been their primary mission.

So, when a team of McAfee members proposed the idea of associating with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, it was highly appreciated.

A wave of excitement and happiness was spread across the McAfee branches of the world.

The team members who initiated the idea, tried and encouraged a lot of employees to do their bit as a lot of wishes are still on hold and needs some effort to be fulfilled.

The Pandemic Upshot of Making Wishes

The world suffered and there was darkness. Medical staff were facing work pressure like never before, workspaces shifted from offices to homes, distances and masks came out of poetry and became a reality, and the world encountered great challenges with finances.

A non-profit like the Make-A-Wish Foundation saw some bad times too. It could not raise as many funds as it used to, and even if it did, the helplessness from the pandemic overpowered.

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But the hours of a night pass on, and bring out a brighter time.

So, the foundation did not lose hope and kept doing whatever it could to spread out happy thoughts and experiences.

So many children found it difficult to believe that wishes actually get fulfilled and after a year into the coronavirus pandemic, McAfee showed up with tons of helping hands and caring hearts.

People from McAfee came together from around the world and added airline miles as a way of contributing to the cause.

Airline Miles by Mcafee

Every mile collected would mean that the foundation is one step closer to fulfilling some ill child’s travel wish and it can be anywhere in the world.

McAfee got on board and started collecting these miles to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It wasn’t a surprise that members around the world were too inspired to add miles to the initiative, however, it was too surprising when they were finally done with counting the airline miles donated.

The donation was raised for a Make-A-Wish outlet in the Bay Area (San Francisco) and the total was, hoping you’re ready for it, 583 thousand airline miles.

Yes, that’s right, more than half a million.

When this was finally transferred to the foundation, a lot of wishes came true at that very moment. Let’s see what they were:

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  • The Foundation’s Wish of being able to provide for critically ill children.
  • McAfee’s wish to cooperate with all members of the organization and give back to society.
  • The thousands of wishes of the ill children were put on pause due to the financial crisis and of course, the pandemic.


McAfee thrives on its belief in a united world. It empowers members of the organization to initiate ideas that may help in giving back or adding to the betterment of society.

Therefore, a team of McAfee members, in association with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, raised airline miles from across the McAfee branches in the world to help the foundation in fulfilling the travel wishes of several critically ill children.

The encouragement and inspiration were not as surprising as the outcome, which was over a half-million airline miles.

A lot of wishes came true that day.

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