McAfee and Microsoft collaborate to offer a safe working environment

Since the approach of working has changed manifolds in the past few months, McAfee has come up with yet another security product. McAfee MVISION Cloud is geared up to safeguard the devices of the users who are working from home. This collaboration is known as McAfee MVISION Cloud for Microsoft Teams. This approach from McAfee has been developed to ensure frictionless working among office co-workers, clients, and customers.

With more people working from home nowadays, the risk for data breach also gets increased. Microsoft reports that more than 40 million-plus people are using Microsoft Teams these days. Therefore, the following introductions made by McAfee will provide high-end protection to organizational data. Continue reading further if you wish to know more about this collaboration between Microsoft and McAfee.

What is included in MVISION Cloud-native security?

  • Modern security tools- McAfee MVISION has several modern-day tools that can help the IT sector to improve their DLP policies. This policy can be applied to incoming and outgoing messages or files, on the channels they transferred from and on the fingerprints.
  • Restrictions on collaboration- the people who are trying to gain unethical access to your files can be restricted from doing so by using the all-new collaboration control feature. This allows them to block specific users.

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  • Comprehensive auditing- this feature enables the organization to audit the files or data that is being transferred to another device through a channel. The heads of the companies can also teach their employees to use this technique so that they can rectify their actions as well as correct their errors before sharing data across another network.
  • Prevention from threats- this technology allows organizations to detect any abnormal or unidentified activity that is taking place at the users’ end. Moreover, the software helps in keeping track of all the activities by storing the employees’ records. It also extends machine learning and wants everyone to use this learning. On top of that, it can detect threats so that you can counter it before they enter your system.
  • Support for forensic research- McAfee stretches out its hands for those who are involved in forensic or investigation work. On the other hand, it extends its support to safeguard their data with multiple layers of security.
  • Instant security- whenever a user surfs the web or uses an application or program, it serves as a shield for protecting their privacy. On the contrary, it blocks unauthorized access to the users’ data by a guest user.

Nowadays, it has become more than essential to provide a shield to the data secured over the cloud. Therefore, this support from McAfee to Microsoft Teams is of great help to the users and businesses who are working remotely.

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