What all you need to know about McAfee Quarantine function?

Those who use McAfee antivirus know that there is a useful function that is known as a Quarantine function which is included in every McAfee antivirus software. If you are running a McAfee scanning process on your computers and PCs and if you spot a file that appears to be infected by the virus attacks, malware, or the anonymous phishing emails, then this function can block the attacks.

After this, you can choose a selective measure to manage the file. Till you complete the protective step to safeguard your file, this function will protect you from the incoming phishing emails and from multiple users to download the file without your knowledge. To know more about McAfee Quarantine function let’s discuss this topic.

About McAfee Quarantine Function

The Operating systems cannot identify every file whether is trustworthy or not, there are many possible issues associated with it. The antivirus nowadays might be pretty good to find out these problems however the hackers are pretty good at hiding the issues. Remember, it is very common for the virus and malware to use the file names that can be linked with the trusted components. However, deleting the email that looks inconvenient and suspicious can harm your device by deleting the core component of the program and is capable enough to disable the program completely. To avoid such issues, the McAfee quarantine abandons the suspicious files in order to protect your system until you decide whether to trust the content of the file or not.

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What is the working mechanism of McAfee Quarantine?

A file that is visible in the McAfee Quarantine is not deleted or removed, this means that you can easily restore the backup version, if necessary later on. The file is kept separated in a special area on your desktops or within the network which is managed by antivirus software. Remember, the file is safe and encrypted at a protective location to make sure that it cannot harm or infect the other areas on your system. It is your decision to decide whether it’s safe or not to take further actions.

What are McAfee Quarantine functions?

There are different ways by which you can deal with the quarantined files that are linked with McAfee antivirus software. If you know that a particular file is corrupted or suspicious then you can delete it permanently or easily remove it from your system. If you think that the antivirus software has made a mistake in blocking the file and the file is trustworthy then you can easily restore the file out of the quarantined set. In many cases, you might be prompted to clear all the files before you restore it. Remember, if you are unsure about the file then you can send the file to the McAfee labs to be accessed.

Customizations of Quarantine Functions

You might find out McAfee’s quarantine controls need to be changed a bit when you start with the software. It may be not able to block the potential threats associated with oversensitive and critical emails. In order to deal with the issue, the system admin can easily set or blacklist and the users can set their own respective lists.

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