How to spot and stay safe from Fake Mobile App Scams?

Nowadays, most of us surf the web using our mobile devices which in turn makes it more vulnerable to hacking as compared to our computer systems. Since we ourselves know that we use our smartphones more often, therefore it is the need of the hour to stay cautious of the ever-evolving scams.

Currently, mobile device users are being tricked by scammers through SMS alerts. These SMSs contain a link upon clicking on which malware may get into your phone leaking a lot of essential data available on the users’ device.

Apart from that, there are some fake applications available on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store upon downloading them your device might get infected with a virus. These apps look like the exact copies of the actual applications so as to make the users get confused about which one is the fake and which one is the real app.

However, I have listed below some tips and tricks by following which you will be able to spot the difference between a fake application and the real one.

Spotting a fake application- Tips & Tricks

When it comes to staying safe from scammers and malicious applications, there are a few things you can try on your own. Find the most suitable tip listed below and apply it whenever downloading an app:

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  • Read the app review- this is the first thing you need to keep in mind whenever you want to get an app on your device. Despite getting driven by the app popularity, it is a must that you go through the reviews given by the users, specifically the negative ones.
  • Do not get driver by the logo- in case the app logo looks exactly like the actual application, it doesn’t make up for its credibility. Scammers make the slightest possible changes in the app logo that a user cannot understand the difference between the fake and real app.
  • Read about the developer- to get deeper insights about an application, it is a must that you read the complete details about the app developer. The information about the same is given in the app description. If you could not get the details of the app developer in the app store, you can also make a Google search for the same.
  • Look carefully- try to figure out the minor mistakes made by the scammers. They often make typo mistakes and remove or change the font completely. Apart from that, they may also play with the app theme as well as the logo. Having a look at these minor things would let you know more about the application being authentic or not.

Ways to stay cautious

Despite using the tips and tricks to spot a fake application, there are certainly other things you can give heed to, and these important points are listed below. You may also use McAfee’s Mobile Security solution that alerts users of the fake apps and malicious links whenever he clicks on them.

  • Do not use the link for downloading apps

A link may redirect you to any platform and you can be sure of the credibility of a particular link. So, if you see an advertisement related to the application on any social media post, then do not follow the link given on it. You can simply navigate to the App Store or the Play Store of your device and get the application from there, after checking its credibility.

  • Avoid clicking on the links given in SMS

The point that is mentioned above is also applicable to this one as well. If you ever get an SMS from an unknown number that tells that you have won a certain amount and to claim that amount, you need to click on a link, then this surely is a scam.

  • Never respond to a new and incomplete number

If you get an SMS from a number that doesn’t include a complete set of digits, then it is recommended not to respond in any manner. Neither, you should reply to that number, nor visit the link given in it.


Hence, we have thoroughly discussed the complete aspects of staying safe from the ongoing mobile application scams. Make sure to read each point given here carefully and you will never fall prey to a mobile scam and also educate your family members about the same. Using a trusted device security solution such as McAfee Total Protection( would also help.

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