How to secure your Mobile Fitness data with McAfee?

We all know that Mobile fitness trackers are so in rage and people are becoming health conscious day by day. As every device needs to be protected the same should be done with your health tracker device. It is very important to secure your health data and to use these gadgets to become healthy. With the advancement in technology these gadgets allow us to track down every movement in our daily lives. What are our eat, sleep, run patterns and signs to track our heart and blood pressure all are tracked by the gadget.

You might not feel that your health track data is prone to the cyberattacks however, the GPS allows to track down your daily activities that can help the cyberstalkers. How much you run where you go can help the scammers to send anonymous ads that prompt you to purchase running shoes. Moreover, it can steal information like your location and your personal identity. To stay safe it is recommended to download and install McAfee antivirus security software.

What is the working mechanism of these fitness devices?

Those devices that you can wear can easily collect the data, these are usually in the form of a wristband, watch or a device that can be put across your shoes, cycle and such devices contain the sensors that collect your health data along with your location. These devices are further connected to your mobile with the help of a tracking application. The security of such apps are weak and enable the hackers to hack the information such as name, date of birth, location age and user ids.

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Sometimes you just install a tracking app in the smartphone and this becomes a serious concern of hacking a device. To protect your data and device from breaching you are suggested to download McAfee Mobile Security from the official website. Securing your devices with a trusted antivirus will resolve your security concerns.

Tips and tricks to keep your Identity safe with Mobile applications

In order to keep your data safe there are certain tips that you can follow to keep your data intact and secure:

  1. If you are using a wearable device for health tracking purposes then make sure you do not add personal information such as name and phone number. Moreover, it is recommended to turn off the WI-FI and Bluetooth when the devices are not used to transmit the data to the application.
  2. Keep your password powerful and difficult to guess by the hackers. We recommend you use the complex passwords and make sure you do not reuse the same password for multiple accounts.
  3. Make sure you go through the privacy policy of the application that you download to track down the data used. If there is no privacy policy for the app then it is recommended to get the authentic application in use.
  4. When you are using a mobile phone to store the tracking data then it is recommended to use a screen lock or a password on the device.
  5. Be aware of the data the device that is used on the phones. If it seems illogical to you then just deny the security permissions on the application.
  6. Stay attentive while using social media applications. The social sharing features can showcase your locations and monitor your activities. Moreover, the cybercriminals can track down the movements that could easily lead to cyberstalking issues.
  7. If you choose to share your health data on social media platforms then check the security settings on your account and change the privacy setting to friends and family only.
  8. Just install the application along with McAfee mobile security on your updated operating systems.

In a conclusive viewpoint

The technological advancements can be an amazing motivation to become healthy day by day. To enhance your daily lifestyle with health management apps and gadgets one can transform their lives towards healthier and happier living beings. However, with every technological advancement, there comes the risk to attack the data. You need to be prompt and aware of the security concerns and take preventive measures to protect your data. The tools can be life-changing for those who want to transform their life. Before diving into the new form of technology be sure you protect your data and device with McAfee Mobile security.

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