Why do you need more than just an Antivirus?

Online privacy and data breach go hand in hand and to stay ahead of all of this, most people use an antivirus solution and choose from the best-in-class antivirus available in the market. However, using just an antivirus may not be as effective as you might be thinking because securing yourself just from viruses, malware, and things alike is not enough. You need more than just antivirus software to protect yourself from falling prey to an online scam.

Some people might say that practicing social media hygiene is one of the solutions to stay safe online, but there is more than that you need to know and practice. It would not be wrong to say that instead of downloading genuine software, one may fall prey to a scam and may download a fake antivirus.

At the same time, he thinks that his device is completely protected. So, based on the events from the past, we shall now have a glance at why having an antivirus is not enough in this digital era.

Reasons you need to think of additional security

Since the increased use of connected devices, it is more than important to make our digital lives secured more than ever:

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  • Increased number of advanced viruses

It is not just the technology that got advanced but viruses and malware are not far behind. Nowadays, there are cyber criminals that leave no opportunity to steal your data. They even have the ability to encrypt your system and get hold of the files present over it. Nowadays, scammers are so intelligent and advanced that they can even use your device for crypto jacking where you can be a victim of a huge financial loss. In the past, such events took place where users’ computers got hacked even in the presence of an antivirus.

  • The online threats are not limited only to PC or Mac

The threats have become so advanced that they could not only affect your computing system but also your smartphones or tablets on which we usually do not install antivirus. Even home routers and other electronic gadgets are being attacked by criminals. So, installing an antivirus may not be enough in this scenario.

  • Using public Wi-Fi open gates for unwanted threats

In case you are outside of your workspace or office, you see an un-encrypted WiFi connection, and you are lured to connect to it, but what you end up with is nothing but getting your device infected. Similar to that, cybercriminals have devised ways to get access to the device that is connected to public Wi-Fi which can lead to unavoidable circumstances.

  • Some antivirus may not have an identity protection feature

We have witnessed several incidents in the past where the identity of the users got compromised even after they had installed security products on their devices. There were several reports of data leakage which lead to cybercriminal activities on a massive scale. Fake bank accounts and credit cards were opened using just the name and SSN of people.

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By looking at the points given above, one can easily say that it is time to safeguard all your digital devices, not just computers or laptops. So, if you did not think of these points before, then you should give heed to them now. A person should safeguard all his smart devices including smartphones, tablets, routers, and all the connected devices that use the internet. Apart from that, safeguarding your personal as well as social identity is more than important.

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