How to keep your data safe when your Online accounts get hacked?

Nowadays, everyone socializes and they have their online accounts on almost every platform. The hackers online are very pro to hack your data and the account. There is a possibility that you notice strange messages popping up on your screen or you figured out that your account password is changed without your knowledge.

Clearly, this means that your online account is now hacked. Now, the question arises on how to protect your valuable data even if your profile account is hacked. In this article, you will get to learn the basic steps to keep your data safe even if the account is traced down or hacked.

Everything on your account from your date of birth, address, names of the family are vulnerable to get hacked. So, if you will keep your profile locked and safe with McAfee along with privacy settings. Make sure the password you use for one account is not set for your other accounts which include your other sites such as banking sites.

Moreover, your account can be used for spreading the malware and adware to steal the information. So, let us start the topic without any further discussion.

How to keep your social account protected and safe with McAfee?

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Here is this section, you will get to learn a few of the tips to protect your Social account with McAfee antivirus:

  • Do not tap on the anonymous and suspicious links that appear to be on the post of someone you know.
  • Report any scam posts that you have encountered on your social media account and stop them from spreading.
  • Make sure you use a unique and complex password to keep your accounts hack-free. You can use a password generator to create strong passwords.
  • If the website comes with a multi-factor authentication then make sure you use it and select the privacy settings as per your preferences.
  • Just avoid posting any information that relates to your personal details and invites hackers to get an idea of it and hack the device.
  • Do not log in to your social accounts by using the public wifi as these accounts are more vulnerable to the hacking activities and the accounts are then more vulnerable to be hacked.
  • Make sure you use all-inclusive and trusted security software such as McAfee that will keep your data intact and protected from the vulnerable threats.
  • You need to stay aware and updated from the latest scams and malware attacks.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

The basic aim to come up with this article is to make the social bees understand that their online profiles and data present on them can be easily hacked. To stay protected and keep your data secured even if your online account is hacked is possible if you have McAfee antivirus by your side. We recommend you to download and install McAfee antivirus software from the official McAfee website and secure the online account you and your loved ones with no harm.

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