How to stay safe from online apps posting your account info online?

While you are online there is much information that is provided on social platforms, there is some of your personal information that is posted online when you access the accounts. Have you ever thought about what if the website is under attack? How you provide the online information of your account on the apps like Spotify and Minecraft. It is a great time for those who listen to music and can access the other streaming services. Such popular websites also invite hackers or cybercriminals with no intention. The account hence breached by the hackers and hence your data is compromised. From this article, you will get to know the essentials so that you can stay safe from the online apps that are posting your account information online. So, let’s dive in and learn more about it.

How do I know if my account has been hacked? – Spotify

  • Songs that are not played by the users are showing in the “Recently played” list.
  • You get kicked out of Spotify while listening to tunes.
  • When you are logging in, you find that the account’s new email address is changed and it does now not belong to them.
  • You have received the email which indicates that their email address is changed.

How do I know if my account has been hacked? – Minecraft

When hackers attack the account, it is quite common for the list to be published on the internet over some of the confined sites such as Pastebin. The moment the list pops up you will also see the sites like “Have I been pwned” which will let you search if your information is compromised or not. If you go to a site that claims to let you search if the password has been compromised or not and demands your password then do not enter the password when prompted on-screen.

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What to do if your account is compromised?

  1. Logout from all the devices: Such online app services allow you to login into multiple devices, someone can potentially login with an affected account and then remain logged in once you have changed the password. To avoid this, there are most of the services to log out of all the devices. For Spotify, you have to tap on the “Account” option on the desktop app. You will see the browser and you will be able to access the “Account” info. After this, you need to scroll all the way down and tap on the “Sign Out everywhere” option.
  2. Change your password: If you have an account with Spotify then you need to change the password to a complex one. Also, you can also download McAfee if you are facing issues in maintaining the security of your information that is present online.
  3. Look for swap login options: You get an option to use Facebook authentication for login. In this method, you have to transfer the authentication token from Facebook to the Spotify app, so there is no password that is stored with the Spotify account you are operating online.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

It is seen that passwords are the biggest component of our digital spaces and these are not going away anytime soon. It is understood that to maintain security, you need to have strong passwords to protect your online security. It is always recommended that you download protection-layered antivirus software such as McAfee via, that builds a defensive wall against the viruses, malware, Trojans, unwanted phishing contents that are trying to invade the device you are using.

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