Why should you opt for a paid antivirus instead of a free one?

Is there a single day in your life when you go without using a gadget? The answer is most probably no because we all have an urge to socialize. And for this purpose, we need the gadget to connect. 

According to a recent study, a human being on average spends 7 hours a day while surfing the web. And due to the orders for staying at home, the number has increased rapidly.

The considerable use of apps, devices, and online services is hiking up day by day but this is not a good thing in terms of hacking activities. 

With this number, the number of online threats faced by users is also increasing rapidly. 

In my personal opinion and as suggested by experts, only a premium version of antivirus could help in mitigating the risk. 

My advice to all the internet users is to opt for a comprehensive security solution such as McAfee instead of using free security tools. 

Let’s be real and learn about some limitations associated with the free antivirus solution. 

What lacks in free security software?

When you get something for free, you get overjoyed by the fact it has not cost you anything. But, have you ever thought about why someone is offering you something for free?

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There are probably some benefits to the manufacturers that offer you free products. However, you should first think about your safety rather than thinking about anything else. 

We should also note that free antivirus does not offer protection as much as the paid ones do. 

Because there is a new wave of hacks and attacks every new day, therefore we should take safety measures in advance and stay ready to face them all. 

The free products also tend to limit the usage of the internet at the end of users and can prove to be inconvenient as well. 

There is also an in-app advertisement feature in the free antivirus tools that will get you annoyed after using it for some time. 

Not only this, but these tools can only be deployed on a single device which is not the case with the free solutions. 

These also do not offer customer support if you get into a problem and the users are left to solve the technical glitches on their own. 

Also, security software should be such that it safeguards the user in every aspect from the online world to offline and offers functionality to safeguard the financial data of the customers. 

Sadly, you will not find such a sort of feature in a free security tool. 

Hence, it becomes very essential to have a comprehensive solution that not only works in a connected environment but also serves the best services while you are offline.  

Why opt for McAfee Consumer products?

McAfee needs no introduction because it has made its name in the antivirus manufacturing field by serving users changing needs. Also, it is a product that offers value for money and you will never regret buying it. 

In my experience, the above-mentioned limitations have no space in this amazing antivirus.

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