Getting through paywalls by Apple’s News Plus subscription

Apple’s new premium News Plus subscription offers a lot just for around $10 a month. The subscription includes access to over 250+ different magazines and newspapers. It would have actually cost far more to subscribe to each one of these individually which most people cannot afford. With this, most people can come out ahead if they only read a handful of magazines each month.

Although the News Plus offers great value, it comes along with a catch: sadly it is only functional within the Apple News app on an iPhone, iPad or Mac device and not on any other domain. While you are using Twitter or any other service and you are viewing any journal or article on your browser or you tap a link there’s no way to log in and view the entire thing right there. To view those things entirely you need to have a separate subscription account.

Luckily, News Plus subscription lets you view any content even when you are not viewing it directly in the News App. You just need to command your iOS device to open an article in the News app where you will be presented with full content with no paywalls.

To use this feature just hit the “share” button and tap open the news that is available in the second row. If the article is in one of the other supported magazines or newspapers, you will be able to read the entire article. Sadly, the “Open in News” does not show up in browsers like the one used by Twitter. Therefore, you will have to first open the link in Safari before you can send and view it in the News App.

There are some limitations along with it; some people have not found a way to send articles from the browser to News App on their iOS devices. If you want to read something that stands outside of the News App subscription, which is not included in the app then you would not be able to read it. You can read it only if you are a News Plus subscriber. Even if you search for articles outside of the News App, News Plus subscription is the easiest way to read them.

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