What are the preventive measures for the Shoulder surfing scam?

It is very common while you are in a public place and are stuck to your phones. There might be someone trying to peer over your shoulder to check what you are doing. Public places such as gyms, coffee shops, airports, or just the park areas are easily vulnerable to such types of attacks. This anonymous snooper could be just a curious soul or they are trying to capture your login credentials so that they can easily access your public or personal accounts for the purpose to misuse or just breach your personified data. This ill-practicing is known to be the “Shoulder surfing”.

However, it doesn’t always mean that everybody around you is just trying to do the same. This can also be done from a distance using a small telescope, spy glasses, gazing or binoculars.

This is very dangerous, and you should always stay on alert mode while working on your smartphones or other devices. You can also try to put a shield on your screen to avoid the screen display or you can consider McAfee’s protective guidelines for the same and also download McAfee antivirus software to block anonymous or suspicious attempts to access your accounts.

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Remember, a well- knowledgeable and skilled thief can even note know the password by just watching the finger movements over the screen. So without any further discussion to the same let us take the topic further to discuss the preventive measures you can take to protect yourself from such ill practices that are happening around you from which you need to be aware.

How to protect yourself from becoming the victim of “Shoulder surfing”?

Shoulder surfing has become a very common phenomenon and an easy way to steal the valuable information which you are accessing. There are certain preventive measures that you can take to prevent Shoulder surfing and fraudulent activities to happen around you. Here are some of the tips you can consider to avoid this phenomenon:-

  • Search for the area where you have a wall behind your back.
  • Stay alert of your surroundings all the time even from the video cameras.
  • Use a screen protector to avoid visibility.
  • Save the personal, business, and other information in a secured and privacy-oriented folder.
  • Avoid using social media or financial accounts in public places.
  • Do not share your passwords or username with the anonymous person or groups.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article have helped you to stay protected from the concepts of “Shoulder surfing”. Remember, if you are just surfing the internet or some specific social media website in the public places or officially accessing access to your work at a public gathering then make sure you keep your eyes around and stay secured from those who have a praying eye and want to access the information you are typing on your smartphones or other connected devices.

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