Privacy Policy


In this privacy policy, you will get a better idea about how the personal details shared by the users are used on this website. The detailed points have been compiled here by keeping in mind those who are anxious to know how we use their information and is it secure or not. The PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is usually collected by each website when you request any kind of service from it.

Ensure that you read the given information carefully so that you don’t land in an awkward situation later on. This website is intended only to offer you informational content when you need any instructional guidelines on activating your McAfee product at

The use of words- we, our, us, website, or go-mcafeecomactivate refers directly or indirectly to

Information that we collect from the visitors include

When you request any kind of service on this website, you are asked for the following information in order to offer you a personalized experience:

  • McAfee product you are having
  • You first and last name
  • Email address for the purpose of notifying you
  • Phone number to contact you

When does our website collect information?

In the following scenarios, users shall be asked to share their information with us:

  • When you fill the registration form
  • Or, you fill out a query form
  • Use the Live Chat window
  • Enter information at your own discretion in any other field

How do we use this info?

Whenever you register on our website or make any purchase from here your information is used in the following manner. Also, it may be collected at the time of registering for the newsletter or enter your valuable feedback.

  • When you use any of the features given on this website, we collect your information to offer you a personalized experience.
  • To make the necessary or desired changes to our website based on the reviews given by you.
  • We also use it to respond to your queries in a better way.

Information protection on our website

For the protection of the information shared by the users, we comply with high security standards and do not use vulnerability scanning measures. Our website only aims to offer useful content. Other than this, our website undergoes regular malware scanning so that your information is never compromised in any way. We do not practice the use of an SSL certificate because we never ask for customers’ credit card details.

Information about the usage of Cookies

Yes, we do use cookies on our website just like others as it enables us to offer you the most relevant and desired content to the users. If you do not know what cookies are then let me tell you about these small files that help website owners to know about your interests. When you visit a certain website, the cookies help their owners to gain some details about your web browser and also let them calculate the data about website traffic. Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • Understand user’s preferences
  • Save them for future visit
  • Collect info about website traffic
  • Complete your orders
  • Remember your activities on the website

The users have been offered the opportunity to opt out of receiving cookies and this can be done by navigating to the device’s settings. However, after doing so, the website may not offer you the expected experience or deliver good content.

Information disclosure to third-parties

On our website, the information disclosure is not practised. Also, we do not sell or trade with the personal data shared by the users at any cost.

Third-party links

At times, after carefully making the necessary research, we may or may not include links to third-party websites here. However, these websites have nothing to do with us and have their own policies and terms of use. Hence, the users are suggested to read their content and utilize their services after making a thorough research.


We give priority to users’ feedback and hence your suggestions, queries, and feedback are always welcomed and respected on this website.

Changes in privacy policy

In case our privacy policy page undergoes changes, it may or may not be notified to you separately and hence, you should read our policies before accessing any sort of services.

How can you change your information?

In case you desire to make any changes to the information you have shared earlier with us, you may contact us via email to get it changed.

Handling of Do Not Track signals

The handling of DNTs or Do Not Track signals are honoured on

Do we allow third-party behavioral tracking?

All the users or visitors are informed clearly that we do allow this sort of tracking.

COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)

Since we do not offer services to the children falling under the age of 13 hence we do not collect their personal information. If he/she wishes to seek services then an adult can do so on his behalf as suggested by Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Contacting Us

In case the visitors have any query or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, then he may contact us by using the information that is given below:

Disclaimer** We are not McAfee and hence we disclaim the usage of its logos, images, or brand names on this website. However, you may find similar content on our page. This website has been specifically created for those who wish to get their hands on the informative content regarding McAfee. Our aim is only to offer you guidelines or tutorials for activating your purchased McAfee software. For any financial or incidental loss, we shall not be held responsible in any circumstances.