Build Up Protection Walls Around Your Online Space

Online spaces now hold a lot of significance in the new technological era and safeguarding is not just a matter of choice, it’s a necessity.

Let’s think of an example- on one hand, rain can be a saviour like relief in the summers and drought, but on the other hand, rain can bring in floods and damage several lives. Some experience relief that the rain brings and some get traumatized by the events- two alternative realities.

And thus, when online spaces were growing and acquiring more and more user bases, it was unknowingly giving birth to the online data vulnerability or a threat of the digital world we live in. Initially, in the form of computer viruses and then, creating several variations.

This read will be focused on making you aware of all the risks and vulnerabilities your online activities can cause along with McAfee’s protection tips that would help in keeping your online existence theft-free and restricted.

Let’s move ahead and see how you can steer clear of all the online vulnerabilities that have come up over time and find ways to prevent and/or overcome them with the help of McAfee’s exclusive solutions and suggestions.


Before we jump to the ways that McAfee suggests for taking care of these situations, it’s better to understand what kind of cyber crimes people usually face.

Think of a time bomb like in the movies, there’s always a time-space that lets the audience know that that’s how much the stars in the movie have to set off the bomb or just blow up.

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Cyber crime is practically a bomb that has the potential to blow up and damage your entire life with technological features. However, the only difference is Cyber crimes do not give out warnings or even time for you to fix the problem. They simply occur and ruin it all.

And so, you must stay prepared with your online shields to stand up against and defeat the types of cyber crimes given below:

  • Getting hold of important data and demanding ransom.
  • Misusing personal data as identity theft.
  • Violating of all sexual norms for children
  • Distributing pornography to children
  • Shutting the network off or wireless, or computer between works.
  • Using protected sites to initiate terrorism and the feeling of heartedness.

Very common and extremely hazardous cybercrimes have been characterized differently- ransomware, phishing, hacking, grooming, and the like.

Contribution to Online Vulnerability

McAfee believes that users unknowingly add to the level of data vulnerability published online. And not only that, most researches and studies show that hackers trick the users into over-sharing their data and then, taking advantage of it to benefit themselves.

And thus, in one of the many online blogs put out by McAfee, users have explained how they overlook such simple steps taken that further expose them to such cyber attacks. Here are the two, very specific, things that users must be on the lookout for:

Auto-saving and providing asked details

How many websites do you surf through in a day? How many websites require you to sign-up before going through their content? How many terms and conditions box you agree to in a day?

Well, the list goes on, but you get the idea. There are several websites you visit, and spend time on. And sometimes, you might want to go back to those sites after signing up. So, you just auto-save your credentials. In increasing the easy access, you also make way for vulnerabilities.

Hackers always stay alert and when someone chooses that option they have several ways to get access to your accounts.

Sharing “tad-bit much” than you should

Social Media was meant for people to share and connect, but lately, it is no longer a medium to just interact, it has basically become the lives of people.

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Anything individuals do (alone or in a group), like clicking a picture, making coffee, chats with friends, trips, dinners, etc., can be seen on their social media handles. McAfee is all up for having a social media presence but it also asks everyone to be careful about everything and anything they share.


Let’s talk about the common suggestions that McAfee believes can help in protecting your data online:

  • The first thing you should do on visiting a new website is to try and look for the “Padlock” icon to ensure that the website is secure.
  • Ensure correct measures and adjustments in the Privacy Settings of your Social Media Handles.
  • Incorporate the usage of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to safeguard the connection you use.;
  • Put a password manager in use and apply multi-layer authentications to increase the security of your profiles online.


McAfee has acquired a significant reputation all over the world when it comes to online safety. The services and solutions offered as McAfee’s product range offer a variety of protection to your digital footprints and any suggestions laid out by the brand have always proved to be effective.

The above-read is dedicated to the common ways that users choose and, unknowingly, contribute to the online vulnerability of their private data. You’d also find McAfee’s prized recommendations to safeguard all your online activities and data so that cyber threats and attacks are kept at bay.

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