What are some most risky TV titles searched for?

The lockdown or stay-at-home orders imposed by the government of different parts of the world has changed the lifestyle of people inside out.

We had never thought of such a situation in our darkest nightmares. But, this restriction by the authorities is for our own benefit and will contract the virus from spreading.

However, the predators are taking the situation to their advantage. They keep on finding every possible way to hack into our systems and gain access to our personal information.

In fact, these days they have started to target the lovers of movies and TV shows. Now, the question is how you are at risk by searching for a movie title or TV title.

Well, there are a number of websites that claim to offer free movies and series and that’s where they lure you into getting trapped.

When you surf the web for new content to help pass the time, it is the time the hackers keep tracking your activities so that they can offer you the similar content.

One thing you should note down here is that nothing is free online and sometimes it’s at the cost of your privacy and security.

However, this is not the case with streaming subscriptions only if you are ready to pay for it.

Those of you who wish to stream their favorite TV shows for free are at a greater risk than others.

The terms “free” is enough to lure them and they easily give into becoming the victim.

Keeping this trend in mind, McAfee WebAdvisor has collected some data which revealed that some TV titles you search online are riskier than the others.

And, the list is as follows

  1. You
  2. Unorthodox
  3. Big Mouth
  4. Family Guy
  5. Dynasty
  6. Homeland
  7. The Vampire Diaries
  8. Stranger Things
  9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  10. Lost

These can easily lead you to dangerous downloads and rather than enjoying it, you will become the next victim of a phishing attack.

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Now, we shall discuss how users can stay protected

To stay protected while streaming and searching for new content, be extra cautious. Because there are several risks attached to it and scammers keep on looking for the vulnerabilities at the end of eager fans.

Be cautious of what you click

This tip is specifically for those who are looking for the Season 2 of “You”. This is because there are a number of risky websites that promise to offer you the latest content.

In fact, you should always stream the shows from reliable sources rather than always looking for the free content.

The best thing you can do is subscribe to a streaming website and binge watch your favorites without having to worry about your privacy and security.

Avoid using unauthorized and “free” content

The word “free” is often linked with malware. The same is the case with streaming sites that offer you pirated videos instead of the original ones.

Customize your security by using McAfee antivirus

Fortunately, there are comprehensive security solutions like McAfee Total Protection that come with virus protection promises.

Most of the users opt for this security solution because it helps protect devices from malware and phishing attacks.

The most interesting thing about this software is that it comes with McAfee WebAdvisor. This alerts about malicious websites and refrains us from using it.

So what’s your take?

I would personally advise you to use parental control software and set limits on your child’s device. Tell them about the potential risks and ask them to be aware of such things.

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