How to secure your kids from TikTok app scam?

We all know and somewhere to talk about the most trending app of the decade TikTiok. The reason being this app has become both a source of entertainment for kids and to some, it is an app to concern. In the social networking world, TikTiok is booming, kids nowadays are mostly spending their time creating and sharing brief TikTiok videos and they love to do it. Whereas, it is a point of concern for the parents, the app users and the lawmakers where they are criticizing the app and putting allegations on censorship, misuse of content, unlawful foreign influence and many more.

The app moderators have recently taken actions to limit the content reach of the users that take the video-makers to the highest possibility of cyberbullying. Apart from such actions, you also need to watch out on your kid’s TikTiok app-related activity and this article will help you better understand how you can take preventive measures to build a defensive fortress against TikTiok app scam.

9 Basic tips to protect your child from TikTiok app scam

In this section, we will take you to some of the basic tips or preventive measures that you can opt to protect your child from TikTiok app scam.

  • Simply download the TikTiok app on your device: It is not important to create a profile to browse the profiles on TikTiok, it is the same as Instagram you can look out for your child’s profile.
  • Get to understand how your child uses the TikTiok app: Create a TikTiok account and follow your child’s account or you can watch your child’s created content, comment on videos or reaction interaction to friends. You may get accused for staking but you have to ignore it. At this point, it is important to understand your child’s digital habits so be it.
  • Know the possible risk: Don’t neglect the fact that you may encounter cyberbullying, inappropriate content, or other possible privacy issues, stay aware of the vulnerabilities to get scammed.
  • Read the reviews about the app: There can be biased App reviews on Google Play Store, you can look for some authentic website designed to get the reviews of the app.
  • Privacy mode is a must: Ask your child to keep his or her account in private mode.
  • Monitor your child’s action: It is important to monitor your child’s direct messages and comments to check to whom they are initiating conversations.
  • Discussion over responses: It’s useful to discuss how to respond to the vulnerable and potential cyberbullying, inappropriate comments and strangers connect. Make sure your child knows how to report a profile.
  • Put an age bar: Restrict the younger users to access the TikTok app. Children who are under 13 years of age should not be allowed to access such apps.
  • TikTok Family Safety Mode: This is a new feature, developed by the designers of the app, in this mode; a parent can link their TikTok account to their child so that they can monitor the content and the connections posted by their child.

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