This 2020 secure your Smartphones with McAfee Mobile Security 4.8

McAfee is known to be one of the most recommended antivirus when it comes to protecting your device completely. Features of such software are important to be considered. So, the latest and advanced features in McAfee mobile security come in a packed suite of McAfee version 4.8. This version is available for your Android devices.

The users can use mobile safely online as when you download new apps, shop online or browse the social network and use the device for banking transactions, McAfee Mobile Security will protect you.

For all those users, who are looking forward to the new and updated version of McAfee mobile security, version 4.8 is now available. You can easily avail of its services by downloading it from Google Play Store or you can visit McAfee Customer store.

If you are an existing user of McAfee for operating system 2.3 or later on your Smartphone or tablet, you will get the notification for the update to McAfee Mobile Security version 4.8.

What’s new with McAfee Mobile Security 4.8?

There are some new improved features in McAfee Mobile Security 4.8, these includes:

  • Efficient speed and easy registration with automated password: A McAfee Livesafe free-trial is much easier for a beginner to use. You just need to confirm your email address and rest everything will be taken care of.
  • “Effortless” beginner’s user experience for McAfee Live Safe customers: The McAfee LiveSafe comes pre-installed and is not required to “Up-front.
  • It scans the downloaded apps in the initial scanning process: It takes care of threats detected and takes actions to remove it.
  • It gives you “In-app update notification: You will get a prior notification whenever there is a new version of McAfee Mobile security available for the update.
  • You can customize with one-tap optimization: This is one of the key features that allow you to choose the power-saving options that are suitable for you.
  • You will get the updated low battery widget: In this version, there are minor changes to extend your battery life once there is your mutual consent.
  • Access to In-app “Net Promoter Score” survey to McAfee Mobile security users: It takes the survey to let the user know how the latest version is going in the antivirus market. You can also let us know how you will recommend McAfee Mobile Security to a friend or co-worker.

Note:- To avail these features learn the steps that are available on McAfee’s official website

In a conclusive viewpoint:

It is important to protect your computer, laptops or PCs from the advanced versions of virus and malware hits. To fight back virus attacks you need to switch to McAfee Mobile Security version 4.8. The features of the latest version of McAfee Mobile Security version 4.8 are complementing the existing McAfee Mobile security features such as Antimalware, antitheft, web security services, Wi-Fi Protection, application lock, app profiles, battery saver, storage cleanup and many more. To download McAfee Mobile Security 4.8, you can visit McAfee’s official website that goes by the URL

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