Top tips to maximize your security when using Wi-Fi

While away from the home network, many people are always on the hunt to connect to public Wi-Fi without showing any concern over their security. And, that is when you might be making the biggest mistake of your life. A scam may take place with anybody at any point in time especially when you don’t opt for safe practices over the web or while connecting to the web.

Unsecured and unprotected Wi-Fi connections are everywhere, if you are traveling for a business meeting, or you are in some cafe, you need to connect to Wi-Fi at different spots. But, one thing people often forget is the degree of security with which these networks come.

No matter how convenient it is to find and connect to the internet, it might not always be a secure way because the signal with which they allow you to connect to them might have been tampered with. Scammers these days are so smart that they never miss out on any such opportunity to temper with the data people share on the web especially through public networks which are unprotected.

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So, in order to safeguard your identity over the web and at the same time, connect to Wi-Fi, there are certain practices you need to follow. These practices have been described in a better way in the section that follows.

Here are the practices to consider

To stay safe over public Wi-Fi, here are the top tips to consider:

  • Keep the Wi-Fi disabled when not in use

If you have the habit of keeping the Wi-Fi of your phone enabled all the time, then it is you who is inviting scammers to get your hands on your data. You should only connect to public Wi-Fi when it is really important and prevents you from connecting to any network accidentally.

  • Do not make unlimited use of hotspots

If you are not able to connect to your home Wi-Fi network and you still wish to make use of the internet, then you are suggested to opt for data plans of your mobile internet service providers. Spending some money on buying a data plan could save you from future hassles.

  • Use password-protected network connections

A network that is not password protected is more likely to be unsecured as compared to the protected ones. If you really wish to connect to a network, then the first thing you should check is their level of security. Always connect to those networks which require you to provide a password to establish the connection.


Despite knowing the insecurities that come with open Wi-Fi networks, if you still linger to connect to the internet, you can use a VPN which will help you in protecting your data over the web. Making efforts in using a VPN is a better option when you often need to connect to the Wi-Fi. Apart from this, one more thing you should verify while using the web is to check if the web address starts with “https.” Else, use McAfee Safe Connect via to connect securely over the web no matter which website you try to access.

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