Level up your security while working from home

The spread of COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Amid the spread of Coronavirus, it has been advised to people to quarantine themselves in order to avoid the further spread of this infectious disease. Therefore various organizations have taken a step forward for the protection of their employees by allowing them to work from home. But, when this idea comes into action, there are various things that one should be aware of because hackers are waiting for such opportunities for a longtime. And now that they have got this opportunity, they will leave no stone unturned to infect your system with a virtual virus.

Working from home means there is a need for extra security because their data will be accessed via different geographic locations. But, getting worried in such situations is not a way out but adopting security measures is. There needs to be security awareness amongst employees so that the crucial information of an organization is not compromised in any way. Therefore, in this article, we will learn how we can keep the security at the top while working from home.

Ways to safeguard organization data

Just like we are trying to avoid the spread of this pandemic by washing our hands and staying away from people, in the same manner, we can avoid getting our system infected with malware. This is only possible by using security measures such as multi-factor authentication, strong End-Point security software, and Virtual Private Networks. Here are some points everyone should consider if he is going to work from home:

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  • Discuss the vulnerability

Organizational heads should discuss the possible ways through which their data can be stopped from getting into the wrong hands.

  • Use enhanced security measures

Using such measures will ensure that the information is made available to only those who have authority and need.

  • Strong authentication

Using McAfee True Key which is a password manager and provides two-factor authentication, one can take the security to a new level. Deploying it will allow organizations to imply passwords giving specific employees the authority to get their hands on specific data.

  • Provide access to VPN

When we work remotely, there are increased chances that employees will connect to untrusted networks. Therefore, using a VPN can be vital because it will not let your essential data get compromised in any situation. McAfee Safe Connect is one of the best security products that provides this feature.

  • Imply cloud-based security

Cloud-based security is necessary when you are working in Teams but from different locations because it provides security either you are online or offline.


Employees need to stay protected from spear-phishing. Hackers taking Coronavirus as an advantage will try their best to send you emails with catchy and attractive virus-related themes. Therefore, to get rid of such a situation, users should apply web security policies. Along with this, they should carry out the best practices to block access to risky cloud service

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