Know The Smartphone Habits Of Tweens And Teens With Mcafee

Well, it seems like a lot of things have changed with time and being an active part of this digitally dominated age, we know it is history in the making. Also, the strangest thing happened in the pandemic period, kids seemed to grow extremely fast and we saw a whole new generation go from being tweens and teens to grown adults.

And while talking about the digital age along with the recent pandemic changes- we can only think of the increased digital involvement or the increased screen-time that the entire world adapted to. During this, what we couldn’t shift our focus to was that the increased mobile time, somehow, contributed to mature kids and gave them a push towards adulthood.

In such a tech-savvy world, life has been getting much easier but we cannot deny that all this while the threats of the online realm rushed to reach for the stars. And to some extent, the cyber crooks have managed to succeed.

This is why, McAfee took it upon itself to make sure that people around the world can do their best to strengthen their digital security, reduce the digital footprints and increase the chances to avoid all cyber creeps, and thus, the digital security software solutions were launched.

Now, going back to the part where smartphones today play a very significant role in shaping the future of kids along with their opinions, beliefs and outlook on life. So, McAfee initiated a survey that found out some exciting new information about what parents know about their kids’ mobile phone usage and what actually goes on behind their locked screens.

Mobile phones side with kids more than their parents

Did you ever notice that there are so many things that your parents had to learn or you might have had to teach them about using smartphones, where you learnt all about it on your own? Well, you simply just figured it out, right!

McAfee simply wanted to know whether smartphones have chosen a side or has been treating both generations the same. And we’ll be taking you through the obtained results of the survey. However, the first thing you should know is that both parties named smartphones as one of the most important things in their life.

However, we’ll have to agree that, somehow, tweens and teens find ways to spend most of their time on their smartphones, whereas, parents manage to separate their time for work, entertainment and spending time with their families. So, it is safe to say that mobile phones or smartphones have picked a side- the kids’.

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Will you be able to track your kid’s online activities?

It is no surprise that what kids do on their phones is, to a great extent, similar to what their parents think they are doing. However, there might be a lot of other secretive tasks going on beyond that, which is not easily disclosed.

Most of these activities are basic like watching videos on YouTube or other streaming services, surfing through the Internet, listening to and enjoying music, and scrolling through the social media handles.

However, the “not-so-basic” online activities can be covered up and a lot of the tweens that McAfee surveyed with, said that they’ve undergone the enlisted to make sure their parents do not find out about their online time:

  • Getting rid of the recent browsing history
  • Closing or minimizing the browser window while parents are present
  • Hide or send IMs and videos to the Trash Box
  • Lie or leave out details about their online adventures to their parents
  • Use a device that has past experience of not getting checked

What are the approaches that parents tend to employ?

Well, parents are engineered to care a lot about their kids and that installs a need in them to protect their child/children from all the threats that crawl the Internet destination.

It is a global phenomenon where parents go on to employ a few basic approaches to make sure they have some control over their kids’ mobile usage. Let us walk you through some of these approaches that came up with the McAfee survey:

  • Limit the time for which the kids can have their screen time or specify the time of the day they can use their mobile phones
  • Revisit the apps and/or the websites that your children have last visited
  • Keep a close eye on the call records and text messages on their kids’ smartphones to know what is going on in their lives
  • Befriend and/or follow their children’s social media handles and begin using the GPS apps or software to track where their kids are at all times

Are your kids’ smartphones protected and safe to use?

McAfee states that there are tons of people who have taken the cyber threats seriously and have shown interest in employing certain security practices but, have still failed to put in place the most effective ones.

Most of the world population is still unaware of the threats they have been surrounded by, which refers to the fact that the smartphones your kids are using- isn’t as safe as you and they believe them to be.

All you can do is choose some interesting security software and put them in action to protect your kids and keep them from falling victim to any threat in the online realm. And since we are siding with McAfee, we’d like you to visit its official website and choose the best fit software.

You can then go on to the website and activate your subscription or security software purchase. But, please keep in mind that choosing McAfee is not mandatory- you can head out and choose any software that provides you and your kids with the ultimate security.

After the lengthy survey, McAfee simply wanted to educate parents along with the tweens and teens that there are threats all around, but there are also ways to keep them at bay. And therefore, applying software solutions are extremely significant when it comes to protecting every digital footprint of your kids and yourself.

McAfee’s take on the world beyond a kids’ locked screen

Parents are functioned to care too much and kids have functioned to rebel at some point in their lives. They will do things that th4ey think their parents might not approve of- it is a given fact. And somehow, more and more restrictions cannot fix this- it is pre-destined.

The best you could do is communicate the important things to know about the Internet (both pros and cons), ask them to be careful with all of their digital footprint, and ensure that the devices or the mobile phones that they have been using are highly protected with modern and tech-savvy security protocols so that they do not run the risk of being attacked or threatened on the online realm.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you understand the mobile habits of teens and tweens that unravel the entire world behind their locked screens. McAfee initiated a survey for parents and their teens/tweens to understand the smartphone usage of the kids and found efficient survey reports.

Strolling down the read, you’ll get to know what McAfee came up with including the probability with which parents are likely or not likely to find out what goes on behind their kids’ phone screens, the measures that they tend to employ for keeping track of it, and the brand suggestions on increasing security on your kids’ mobile phones.

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