How to Protect Your Newborn’s Social Identity

There has been a drastic increase in cyber threats and cyber attacks with the introduction of new electronic devices and their software programs. The Principal Engineer and Senior Security Researcher at McAfee has shared an experience with a few safety measures that can help you keep your family safe along with welcoming a new life to the world.

Where technology has improved and made our lifestyles easier, it has also made us vulnerable to the threats of this digital era. Keeping track or monitoring your newborns along with enjoying a little privacy as new parents have never been easier. Some multiple devices and applications help you do that. Let’s see how you can shield your kids from any cyberthreat.

Exposure To Digital Attacks

It’s a given that being first-time parents, you will face difficulties in tracking your infant’s schedule. Which would, further, lead you to install cameras (baby monitors), and applications on your mobile phones. Of course, there’s nothing better than installing McAfee products to secure your devices from malware. But despite that, these applications request to know a lot of personal information like your location and your contacts. Which is very unlikely, for an App to monitor a newborn baby. This opens doors to a lot of cyberthreats.

Devices For Your Newborns

Let’s look at two renowned products that are supported with mobile Apps to be effective and helpful:

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Bluetooth and Internet availed Breast Pump

Being new parents, you cannot be sure of what time your kids will sleep, or when it’s time to feed them. Therefore, these breast pumps can be accessed with mobile applications. It works fine without Internet accessibility, collects and saves data on the cloud for sharing it later with the doctor.

Monitoring Cameras

This device is extremely common and high in demand. There are a few baby monitors that come with Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning they can only be accessed when you’re at home. Others come availed with the internet, allowing you to monitor your infants through your phones, no matter where you are.

Shielding Your Infants

All measures and precautions are directed towards one simple goal- reducing the online exposure, and digital footprint to shield your kids (in specific) from cyber attacks. Here’s what you can do when you decide on getting devices and applications to monitor your newborn:

Do not grant access to the Internet on the electronic Breast Pumps as it works great even without internet connectivity.

If you have the baby monitors connected to the internet, protect the recorded videos with strong passwords, regular updates, and just increase your cybersecurity hygiene.

Avoid connecting your cameras to the home network. Use the default “Guest” network setting of your router and keep it discreet.

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Run a detailed background check on the devices and software, similar to checking your babysitter’s or nanny’s background.


The word “impossible” is simply a threat. There’s nothing you cannot do when it comes to protecting your family. Books and blogs are just adding to your knowledge. What you must remember is that if there’s a problem, the solution is somewhere around too. If there are cyber threats, there are cybersecurity measures too. is the best in cybersecurity and has suggested simple measures that lead to the reduction of your digital footprints. New parents should not be restricting themselves from using new devices. They should simply educate themselves in limiting their online exposure.

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