How to practice social media hygiene for online safe search?

We all are somehow aware of the fact that our social media posts can result in risking your online identity crises. Recent cyber threat reports say that 67% of the users are embarrassed by the content that comes on the social media platforms. On the contrary, rests of the people who are still aware of the cyber hits do not change their default settings even if they know how to protect their respective profiles. Nowadays, managing your social media accounts proactively has become a task to accomplish but it is very important for maintaining your professional reputation.

For many people posting their celebrations and traveling, diaries on social platforms are a part of social lives. However, sharing “Good times” can result in big issues when you do not manage your social media accounts proactively. You need to stay active on the posts you shared on your social media accounts. It is a recommendation to download McAfee antivirus.

Cybercriminals have a keen love for all your online posts

Sitting in a relaxed mode won’t fetch your security protection. Once you have posted stories on your timeline it’s your responsibility to keep a check on fraudulent activities. If you are posting about recent purchases or your upcoming holiday plans then you are making it easy for cybercriminals to get the involving yet traceable information. You must change the default setting’s ineffective means so that your online identity stays safe.

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Considering how much personal information and images are on stake the people do not know how to close down or manage their social media accounts once hacked. The simple solution is to keep changing your account’s password and secure it with McAfee total protection.

What are the preventive measures to protect our online identities?

There are certain things by which social media hygiene can be maintained and hence it will help you to reduce the risk of online data breaching. Here are some of the tips:

  1. You should clean-up your digital history on a regular basis.
  2. One should lockdown privacy and set your default privacy settings.
  3. Make sure you never reuse your password.
  4. You should avoid sharing the very personal information of yours online.
  5. Think about what to post before you take up any actions.
  6. You should employ an extra layer of protection with the McAfee total protection.

To sum up:

If you are thinking that you might just identify the cyber attacks with a “Relaxed yet risky” approach for managing your social media account, then you are wrong. Nobody wants to become the victim of cyber attacks and hence it is important to take the primitive measures for the same. It is advisable to secure your personal identities online with McAfee antivirus. For more information, visit the McAfee customer support webpage.

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