Unfolding the mystery behind Special delivery scam

Can you ever imagine your life without a smartphone? Well, nobody in this generation can. And since most of us have access to smartphones these days, it is becoming the root cause behind a lot of online scams taking place these days.

With our smartphones, we connect to public networks, do online shopping, and get connected with each other through social media. However, owning a smartphone can sometimes turn out to be your biggest nightmare as a lot of SMiShing scams have been recorded in the past years.

The online data breach risks pave their ways at times when we share our personal information on platforms that are not so secure.

The online shopping websites try to lure us with their special offers and heavy discounts so that we get tempted towards their offers and shop from them. And most of such suspicious platforms do not have the option to pay on delivery.

Recently one such scam took place in different corners of the world which has some connection with online shopping and delivery. So, let us unfold the mystery behind it.

What is the USPS scam?

Recently scammers representing to be from the team of USPS are sending fake SMS to the people who have shopped from different online platforms. In this fake message, they tell the buyers that the delivery of their ordered product could not be initiated due to certain reasons, and to resolve the delivery issue they are prompted to click on a certain link.

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Now, when they click on this link, they are asked to share certain personal and financial information. If they fail to provide the requested information, the hackers may send suspicious codes on their devices due to which it may freeze or lock up.

On the other hand, if the buyers share the requested details, then the scammer makes use of this information for his financial gains resulting in a huge loss on the part of users.

Not only do they pose to be from USPS but they also pose to be the agents from FedEx or other delivery partners.

What can you do to stay protected?

  • Learn the probable signs of SMiShing– the genuine delivery partners send SMS for the convenience of the buyers. However, the scammers take this to their advantage and start sending you fake SMS. The buyers, on the other hand, fail to spot the difference between a fake SMS and the real one. There are a lot of articles on spotting the signs of SMiShing. Thus, you should give a read to such articles.
  • Check the source– if you receive any such SMS asking you for your details, then you may check the status of your order by navigating to the source website/app despite believing in the messages received from the different numbers.
  • Configure settings for blocking robots.txt– in your smartphones, there is one such feature/setting enabling which you may easily restrict SMS that contains fishy language, codes, or links. You may easily find this feature by the name such as ‘Sam Protection’ or something like that.
  • Install Mobile Security– there are different mobile security software available in the market and one of the industry-leading software that you can opt for is McAfee Mobile Security. This not only safeguards your smartphone but also informs you of any suspicious activity recorded.

After breezing through the details of USPS special delivery scam and the practices to avoid it, it is now your responsibility to pay attention to such scams and take necessary precautionary measures.

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