Never compromise on Speed and Security with McAfee

Security and speed should go hand in hand if you are using the paid subscription of an antivirus solution. However, most of the software available in the market these days does not offer this functionality to the users.

“Security software slows down my PC” is a statement given by many whenever they deploy an antivirus on their device and this thing annoys them a lot.

Those who understand the value of security some way or other have to compromise with security when it comes to safeguarding a device from the latest malware.

Well, this is quite frustrating because it bogs down their device leaving them to utmost despair.

The same happened with me a few times ago until I got to know about this next-gen antivirus that is McAfee Total Protection 2020. This product from McAfee is not as heavy as others. Although we know that protection from malware is the need of the hour but it should not cost us the peace of our minds.

In fact, McAfee’s products are put to AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives. The test done by the research team of McAfee results in the choice of an antivirus, an easier one for the users.

How do you measure the relationship between Speed and Security

When it comes to modern technical users, we may say that they may be best at nothing but are best at managing technical stuff.

I have seen that the generation today is more inclined towards using tech gadgets that lets them play their favourite games, view shows, and so on. But, if we wish to keep them running without any hurdle, it is a must to secure it with an antivirus.

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However, the worry of system bogging down is yet another thing that one needs to consider while choosing security software.

But, the question is how can we know if a security solution will slow down our PC or not?

Well, the answer to this question is that you can measure the performance of the antivirus and its impact on your PC. One of the labs that conduct such type of tests is AV-TEST. The lab is situated in Germany and is among the most reputable anti-malware test labs.

In this lab, a number of antivirus products are measured based on certain evaluating principles. The lab also carries out tests that measure out the performance of the software on the speed of the computer.

To make the test more effective, the researcher mimics the usage of the computer as done by an average user on a daily basis.

Now, let us know how McAfee stands out amongst others?

According to the reports shared by the lab, McAfee products received the highest score in the overall performance of the test. Also, McAfee has been presented with the 2019 Performance Award by AV-TEST. Other than this, it has also bagged the ADVANCED+ ranking.

All in all, we can say that it is one of the lightest products among several other variants available in the market.

How does it matter to us?

Since many of us are inclined towards the usage of devices more than we used to do before, hence we should worry more than ever about protecting our privacy without compromising the speed of your device.

Adapting to the latest advancement in the technology, we should also change the way we use software these days. There are certain things that we should keep in mind before deploying any kind of software on our devices.

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