Be warned of the suspicious apps on Google Play

There are innumerable Android mobile users around the globe and there is hardly anyone who is unaware of the fraud applications that reside in the Google Play Store. Recently, some more fraudulent apps have made their way to the Play Store posing as different video editing, wallpapers, themes, and other such apps.

As we all know that, McAfee continues to strive to make the digital world easier and reliable for users. In view of that, its research team found out a whole range of such applications that gain access to your mobile phone and accomplish their evil tasks.

On the official blog post platform of McAfee, the research team gave more specific details about these applications which pose to be a threat to the residents of different regions and many people have already become a victim of the same.

Impact of fraudulent apps

When we speak about what danger these apps are posing to the community, it is worth noting that the apps are being used by scammers to make unauthorized transactions from the users’ phones. Whenever a user downloads one of these applications on his device, he is prompted to allow permissions to let the app access his storage, calls, SMSs, and more. As soon as you grant access and make any transaction from your device, the malware present in these apps is able to read all the data you have shared from your device.

The situation is so severe that, even if you do not grant permissions, the malware may still make way to your messages folder.

Moving on, let us now discuss a few practices that could save you from becoming a victim of such threats.

Tips to consider before downloading an app

  • Use McAfee Mobile Security¬†

This program has been specifically developed to sidestep such attacks as it can easily read the entry of the malware on your device. Getting it on your mobile is quite easy and can be done in a few easy steps.

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  • Read the app review

This is the next best thing you could do prior to installing any application on your device. Make sure to go through the negative reviews first as it will help you in guessing what problems users are actually facing.

  • Learn about the app developer¬†

The details of the app developer are always given in the app description. You can simply Google that particular app developer and try to gain insightful details about it.

  • Do not believe in app popularity

An application being popular does not mean that it cannot be fraudulent. Going through its pros and cons should always be considered before you get it on your device.

  • Do not ignore the typo mistakes

To look more legitimate to the users, the name, as well as the app icon, is created in such a manner that they look similar to the real application. Therefore, one should not ignore the typo mistakes in the name of the application.


This is just the beginning of a fraudulent application scam as we can expect the arrival of more such applications that can gain complete access to our devices with the help of malware. Make sure to go through the tips mentioned here once again as they may help you from a big loss. Last but not least, do not download an application until it is obligatory.

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